What's Worse?

We all face dozens of health choices every day, so what do you do when you're stuck between two choices and want to know, "What's worse?"

What’s Worse for Weight Loss?
Frustrated that you can’t lose those last 10 pounds?  Find out what’s worse for waistline: fat or sugar ?

Pacifier or Thumb Sucking?

What's worse for your toddler: using a pacifier or sucking his or her thumb? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals the surprising answer!

What's Worse for Your Skin?

Sixty million Americans suffer from acne, and 62 percent admit to popping their pimples. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says that while it is best to leave blemishes alone, or see a dermatologist to have them treated, if you cannot resist the urge to pop them, learn which is worse: popping them with your fingers or a needle .

Acne prevention and treatment tips

What's Worse for Your Workout?
Health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels reveals the optimal ways to work out. Find out which fitness techniques are best for you.

What's Worse During Childbirth?
A group of new moms discuss their experiences with childbirth and reveal what they feel is worse: the pain of natural childbirth or the recovery of a C-section, and OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains the differences between the birthing methods and recovery.

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• What's worse: withholding or exaggerating symptoms?

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What's Worse for Your Look?
Studies show that a man’s sex appeal increases as the amount of body hair he has decreases. Coy, 37, has always had more body and facial hair than most of his friends, and says he is bothered by his look.

"I had a full beard by the time I was 17," he says. "[When I take] my shirt off, it's always [people saying], 'Oh, here comes Chewbacca. Here comes Wolfman. Here comes Wolverine.' [I've gotten] all those comments for the last 20 years."

To control his excessive body hair, Coy keeps three different razors in his car — one for his face, one for his ears and nose and one for his chest. He has also plucked his hair, used hair-removing products and waxed, but "nothing seems to work," he says. "Nothing lasts [longer than] five to six weeks.

"By far, waxing is the worst procedure ever I've ever done on my chest," he adds. "I wouldn't wish it on my wo rst enemy. A dream for me to wake up one day and not be the butt of everyone's jokes, and not have to deal with [excessive body] hair ever again."

To help Coy with his hairy situation, Dr. James Heinrich treats him with the Light Sheer Duet, a cutting-edge body hair-removal technique , can eliminate excessive body hair 75 percent faster, and with less pain, than other methods.
See Coy's amazing results !

"It was extremely painless," Coy says. "It was a simple process. It was way easier than waxing and shaving. It was quick and easy and pain-free.

"No more nicknames," he adds. "No more Chewbacca."

• Too much body hair or no hair on the head: Which would you rather live with ?