Dr. Bill Dorfman, DDS, cosmetic dentist

Dr. Bill Dorfman is a board-certified DDS practicing cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. He is a frequent guest expert on The Doctors and is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Billion Dollar Smile. Dr. Bill practices at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, California.

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Dr. Bill received his dental degree in 1983 from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco where he was one of the youngest graduates to ever receive his doctorate degree. Upon graduation, he completed a two-year residency at a dental hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1985, Dr. Bill returned to the United States and established his private practice in aesthetic and general dentistry. Dr. Bill is also renowned in his field as an energy-brimming inventor and brilliant entrepreneur who has brought award-winning innovations to aesthetic dentistry.

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Century City Aesthetic Dentistry
2080 Century Park East, Suite 1601
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: (310) 277-5678
Fax: (310) 277-3294
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