The After Show

Saving a Life after Watching The Doctors
After finding her 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Ielene, face-down in a tub of water, Yvette had to act fast. See how an episode of The Doctors helped her save Ielene’s life.

Refresh Your Look

Want to look rested, even when you’re not? Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald shows you how to refresh your complexion!

“Her face was purple,” Yvette says of Ielene. “She was lifeless, and that’s when I started doing CPR.”

vette says that, while she was extremely scared, learning how to perform CPR by watching The Doctors helped keep her calm in the trying situation.

“You knew what you needed to do,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. “That’s really great. I do CPR a lot on babies, but they’re not [my] babies, and it’s different. As a parent, you’re panicking, and sometimes your mind can just go blank. If you’ve had CPR training, you … know what to do.”

Dr. Sears and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrate tips for performing infant CPR.

After-Sex Questions
Penny, 31, says she suffers from painful cramps after having sex. Should she be worried?

After-Birth Answers

“Probably what she’s talking about is [pain] after deep penetration,” OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

Dr. Lisa explains that the pain can be due to the uterus becoming irritated, which can be caused by fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease or vaginal infections.

“The bottom line is, your body’s trying to tell you something,” Dr. Lisa says. “You need to go speak to your doctor to find out what’s causing it.”

More After Answers
Should women should use men’s aftershave? Want tips for curbing after-meal snacking? How do you transition to potty training after the lights go out? The Doctors answer your top “after” questions.