Sex Camp for Men

There’s nothing like great sex, but when was the last time you had it? Conquer boredom in the bedroom with The DoctorsSex Camp for Men!

The Doctors sends two couples, Betty and Steve and Chelsea and D’ontra, to work with urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, style specialist Lawrence Zarian, intimacy expert Dr. Karen Stewart and sexologist Dr. Victoria Wilson.

“We’ll improve your sex life and your whole relationship,” camp director and doctor of psychology Wendy Walsh, Ph.D. says.

Sexual Health 101
The first course, Sexual Health 101, includes a trip to urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman for a full health checkup. “It’s important that we address all the medical issues if any exist, because sexual health is a critical component of general health and wellness,” Dr. Berman says.

The couples visit Dr. Berman for long-overdue physical exams.

Dr. Berman reveals her surprising findings.

Intro to Male Grooming
Steve and D’ontra learn essential grooming and style tips from style specialist Lawrence Zarian. “It’s a new day for a new look,” Lawrence says. “Who knew [these] men could look so good?”

Tips for Looking Your Best

  • Keep your breath fresh.
  • Have a daily skin-care routine.
  • Trim nose hairs.
  • Keep scissors and tweezers on hand.
  • Modernize your look.
  • Have versatile clothing in your wardrobe.

Intimacy Workshop
Both couples admit to lacking in the romance department. They visit intimacy expert Dr. Karen Stewart to learn how to open up and turn each other on.

Sex Therapy Course
“Men are like firemen; they’re always ready,” sexologist Dr. Victoria Wilson says. “But female sexuality is responsive, so women, in a lot of ways, are like fire. It takes a little while to get it started, but once you get it started, it burns with great intensity.”

Dr. Wilson teaches the men how to please their partners like never before by making sex a full-body experience.

Spice Up Your Sex Life
Has your sex life become dull and predictable? The Doctors offer tips on how to turn your man on.

“Men are very visual,” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says. “We do like [women] dressing up a little bit, changing it up.”

“There is nothing that turns on a man more than seeing his woman show up in the bedroom wearing lingerie,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds. “That takes us to a place where we want to be."

Signs of Infidelity
Dr. Wendy reveals little-known signs that your partner may be having an affair.

Sex Questions Answered

Do you lie about health problems to avoid sex?