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Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Travis Stork lead a panel of top physicians to raise awareness about colorectal cancer and digestive disease. Watch the recap!

Make That Call for Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer PSA

What Every Woman Must Know
At 48 years old, Nancy Grace, victims' rights advocate and host of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, almost lost her life during the complicated delivery of her twin children. Three years later, she started to have irregular bleeding between periods. During a routine check-up, doctors found a mass on her ovary, which required immediate surgery to test for cancer. Luckily, the growth tested benign, but the experience opened Nancy's eyes to the dangerously vague symptoms of ovarian cancer.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson describes the symptoms that can sometimes indicate ovarian cancer, which include increased abdominal girth, pain in the pelvic region, difficulty eating, bladder symptoms, bowel changes and irregular bleeding. "These are non-descript symptoms that can be related to a lot of disorders, which is why women ignore them," Dr. Lisa says.

The best defense against ovarian cancer is early detection. Research your family's medical history for female cancers, and be sure your doctor performs thorough pelvic exams, early ultrasounds and blood tests.

The Doctors' Healthy Dollar Menu
Kristin, a single mother of three, feeds her children fast-food out of convenience. Knowing this isn't the healthiest choice, she reaches out to The Doctors for advice on how to maintain her children's nutrition on a budget and on the go.

While prices on fast-food dollar menus are low, the saturated fat and sodium counts are through the roof, and a major contributor to obesity in the United States. "It's more expensive to eat fast food because the numbers don't lie," Dr. Travis says. "The expenses of healthcare costs from being overweight are astronomical. The extra cost annually is close to 5,000 extra dollars for obese women."

Dr. Travis says that the biggest issue at all fast-food restaurants is that they don't offer whole grains. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals that 70 percent of all American deaths are related to diet, mainly due to the overconsumption of saturated animal fats.

Web Exclusives!

• Nancy Grace shares her dinner table tricks for picky kids!
• Find out the biggest downfall in fast-food.

The Doctors unveil a variety of quick, cheap and healthy alternatives on The Doctors' Healthy Dollar Menu.''

Nancy is concerned about how to feed kids nutritious foods when they are uninterested in fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sears demonstrates six nutritionally balanced snacks that are quick and kid-friendly. See what happens when Dr. Sears serves his snacks to an unsuspecting group of kids!

Get Dr. Sears' kale chips recipe here!


• Learn about The Doctors' movement to reduce sodium intake and take the pledge to Halt the Salt!

The Adventures of Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears hits the streets in The Doctors' first-ever interactive movie, where he faces real-life health challenges, and the audience decides his next move!

No time for a balanced breakfast? See what Dr. Sears orders at the drive-thru.


Web Exclusive: Want to see Dr. Sears make other choices? Choose from these alternate endings:

5-Minute Health Fixes

Got five minutes? Get healthy with The Doctors' book,The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health!

Dr. Sears skips breakfast and is running on empty by lunchtime!
Holding it in by holding out for a cleaner restroom: See the consequences!
Extra cheese please! Dr. Sears enjoys nachos and a movie, and regrets it later!
Sometimes hot dogs are the healthiest choice: Find out why!

The #1 Way to Keep Skin Young and Beautiful
Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains how dirt, pollution and makeup get trapped in our pores, and stresses the importance of deep cleansing and exfoliating to keep skin healthy and youthful.

There are a number of ways to exfoliate, and Dr. Ordon demonstrates both professional and at-home options.

Acne prevention tips

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