Embarrassing Body Problems Solved!

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

Whether it's excess hair in all the wrong places or an awkward moment at the drug store, everyone's experienced an embarrassing health problem. The Doctors share some of their most mortifying moments on the job!

Hairy Situations
Amanda says she loves her boyfriend, Brett's, physique, but can barely see his bod because it's covered in hair.

Rosette, an esthetician from Cocktail Wax in Los Angeles, helps Brett take care of his excess hair.

The belly isn't the only place that needs grooming, however.

Roland gets unwanted peach fuzz removed by facial hair waxing.

Heather undergoes a painless laser hair removal on her lower back.

Women Problems
"Down There"

OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson offers solutions for sagging skin "down there."

Embarrassing Problems for Men "Down There"
While many men are concerned about the size of their penis, anonymous guest "John Doe" is embarrassed about the appearance of his. Rather than having an opening at the tip, he says his is underneath the head, and he has two holes instead of one.

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz examines John and finds he has a common condition called hypospadius. "It turns out that John has one actual hole, and that's the urethra, which ends just a little short of the tip of his male anatomy," Dr. Spitz says. "In many cases, it's more severe than what you have. It can end at the middle, or even the base near the scrotum.

"In most cases, this condition is corrected during childhood," Dr. Spitz continues. "But in a mild case, like [John's], it can be missed by parents and pediatricians. It can be embarrassing to urinate in a public bathroom because of spraying, and it can be embarrassing to initiate a new intimate relationship because of the unusual appearance."

Dr. Spitz explains that, in many cases, the condition can be corrected by a urologist with a simple outpatient surgical procedure.

"This is something that's so very important, to be brave enough to have the 'embarrassing' exam," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. "You need to check for things like testicular cancer, penile abnormalities, and this is the only way to do it."

Breaking Bad Bathroom Habits
Tiffany's 7-year-old son suffers from constipation and often refuses to wipe himself after using the bathroom. "It got to the point where I would tell him to try and wipe, and I would come in and look after him, and he would just refuse," Tiffany says.

Innie or Outie

Find out why some people's belly buttons protrude and how to transform it into an innie.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears offers suggestions to help Tiffany resolve her son's constipation and wiping issues.

Dr. Sears explains that since Tiffany's son is constipated, he is having hard stools. To help loosen her son's stool, Dr. Sears suggests adding more fruits, vegetables and fish to his diet and possibly giving him a fish oil or flaxseed oil supplement rather than an conventional stool softener.

To aid in his wiping, Dr. Sears recommends using flushable wet wipes instead of regular toilet paper. "They're a little stronger and will slide a lot easier down there," Dr. Sears says. "And chances are, he'll make much less of a mess."