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Men: What do you want to know about women? The Doctors' panel of experts, OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, health and wellness expert, and new co-host of The Doctors, Jillian Michaels, breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk and gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj reveal the secrets of the fairer sex.

 Ladies: Tune in tomorrow as the tables are turned, and find out everything you've ever wanted to know about your man!

Heel of a Problem
Why do some women experience foot pain after a night out? Audience member Jim takes a walk in Jillian's high heels to find out.

"This is why we need our feet rubbed," Dr. Lisa says. "When we put on our high heels, it throws us out of alignment. There's a lot of pressure on our heels and on the balls of our feet."

Tips for Happy Feet:

Stretch your calves and feet throughout the day
Vary your heel height

5-Minute Health Fixes

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Wearing heels less than 2 inches will decrease risk of injury

Inserts can help cushion your foot and absorb shock

Give your heels a day off

See how walking in high heels affects your spinal alignment and posture.
High heel pain relief
Soothe sore feet

Inside the Man Cave
A group of men open up and ask everything they ever wanted to know about women.

How long does it take the average woman to have
an orgasm

Why does a woman's natural lubrication change?

What causes some women to "leak" milk when they hear a baby cry?


The Doctors' Man Spa

Jillian and beauty expert Kym Douglas open up The Doctors' Man Spa to demonstrate simple ways you and your man can look your best using natural ingredients found in your kitchen cabinets!

More Queries from Men
Should women urinate after having sex?
What causes female hair loss?
Is there a cure for PMS?
Why do women love chocolate so much?

Yeast Infections
While the vagina normally contains some yeast, an overgrowth can cause an infection. "There's a very delicate balance between the yeast and the good bacteria," Dr. Raj says. "If anything throws off that balance — and often it's something like antibiotics, or if they're taking a medication like steroids — then the yeast has a chance to really overgrow."

Other causes can include an increase in estrogen and douching. Yeast infections can be itchy and painful. If they occur frequently, make sure to see a doctor, because it could be a sign of an immune problem.

Yeast Infection Prevention Tips
• Eat yogurt that contains live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus, a natural, "friendly" bacteria.
• Wear cotton underwear.
• Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants and shorts, and nylon pantyhose.
• Change out of wet workout gear or swimwear immediately after activity, because damp environments are ideal places for a yeast infection to grow.
• Avoid douches, scented powders and scented tampons.


Find out why women get cellulite, and learn inexpensive, at-home treatments to reduce the appearance of unwanted dimples. 

More Ways to Combat Cellulite
Diet changes

Coffee grounds

Derma Roller


Butt the Bomb cellulite treatment
Adjusted radio frequency

Pain in the Stomach
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
is a disorder of the large intestine and can cause bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and mucous in stool. IBS is two- to six-times more common in women than in men.

"We all know women are more sensitive than guys," Dr. Raj says, "but actually, our digestive systems are also more sensitive. We actually perceive things in our stomach and our intestines differently. The same amount of gas might not cause any problem in a guy, but might cause pain or bloating in a woman."

In many cases, IBS can be managed by diet, exercise and lifestyle. Staying hydrated and adding fiber-rich foods, such as beans, raspberries, artichokes and yogurt with probiotics, can aid digestive function. Peppermint oil is an antispasmodic remedy that can relieve a distressed or spasmodic bowel.

Dr. Raj shares simple tips for relieving IBS discomfort.

Common IBS Triggers:

Spicy foods
Chewing gum
• Artificial sweeteners


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