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Are you bothered by your body? You're not alone. Comedian Loni Love hit the streets of Los Angeles to find out the body flaws women hate the most!

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"Everybody's got something they think they want to change," OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

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Droopy Eyes
As you get older, the skin on your eyes can sag and make your eyes look droopy, causing you to look older than you are. Many people, such as
Aneyah, who is in her 40s, don't want to undergo an invasive eyebrow lift to correct the problem.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon has developed a non-surgical solution for a droopy brow using Sculptra filler injections.

Dr. Ordon and plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra perform the procedure on Aneyah.

Learn how the non-surgical eyebrow lift works, and see Aneyah's amazing results!


Tickle Lipo

Luci, 49, is bothered by saddle bags she just can't lose. She undergoes Tickle Liposuction, which makes fixing her problem not only painless, but enjoyable! Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandrea Lee explains how the procedure is performed.

• Learn more about Tickle Lipo!

SPIDER Weight Loss Surgery
Tara, 56, weighs 233 pounds and says she has struggled with her weight for years. She often experiences shortness of breath, ankle swelling and sore joints due to the excess weight she's carrying. She also has borderline diabetes, which scares her for her future.

Tara undergoes vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also known as SPIDER Weight Loss Surgery, a new, less-invasive procedure than gastric bypass or band surgeries. It utilizes a single, tiny incision made in the belly button, leaving virtually no scarring. The SPIDER Surgical System, a special, multi-tooled instrument is inserted through a
single, tiny incision made in the belly button and opens up like an umbrella within the abdomen. It cuts the stomach down to 20 percent of its normal capacity, and leaves virtually no scarring.
Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Brian Quebbemann, who performed Tara's surgery, demonstrates how the procedure is performed.

"What we try to do is operate from multiple different angles," Dr. Quebbemann says. "It's never been able to be done through a single, small incision until this instrument.


See a new treatment that uses adjusted radiofrequency and heat to target and remove cellulite, minimizing pain to the patient. 

"What the [SPIDER Surgery] does is it removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving a small part of the stomach, so you feel full with a smaller amount of food," Dr. Quebbemann adds.

Ideal candidates for the procedure are those who struggle with obesity, have tried and failed to lose weight and are willing to make significant lifestyle changes.

Tara joins
The Doctors just two days after the procedure.

"I feel amazing," she says. "I feel really good!"

Operation Beautiful
Operation Beautiful is one woman's mission to change how women view themselves. She places Post-It notes with uplifting messages in random places for strangers to find.

"We all need to be a part of that today," Dr. Lisa says. "To love you body, end negative fat talk, try and be healthy with your body."

Learn how to become a part of Operation Beautiful!


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