Pectoral Implants

Chest Implants for Men
Women who want a larger chest have the option of breast augmentation, but what about men? Joe, 26, works out vigorously, but has trouble gaining bulk in his pectoral muscles. Dr. Ordon tells Joe he has options. “Breast implants aren’t just for women,” Dr. Ordon says. “He’s in good shape, he’s an extreme fighter, his body is very important to him. He’s working those pecs as hard as he can, but he’s not getting the pec development that he wants.”

Custom-designed implants for men can increase the appearance, size and definition of chest muscles for men who cannot achieve perfect pecs by simply working out. “It goes underneath the muscle, doesn’t affect the actual function of the muscle itself,” Dr. Ordon says. “It does give you a great, lasting result.” Dr. Ordon dishes on pectoral implants for men.