Who is Making You Sick?

Is someone in your life hindering your health? Dr. Ian K. Smith, author of Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution , joins The Doctors to help identify who might influence you to overeat, binge drink and stress out!

He Said, She Said
Is your spouse affecting your health? Happily married couple Jenna and Chris both suspect that the other is making them sick. The Doctors offer solutions for their complaints!

Obesity Intervention
Studies show that nearly half of all children with overweight parents become overweight themselves. Devon is part of the statistics. His parents, Butch, 50, and Kim, 49, weigh 260 pounds and 247 pounds, respectively, and now 29, Devon weighs 470 pounds. "My worst fear for Devon is that he'll end up having the same thing I had," Butch says. "In 2005, I suffered a heart attack."

Growing up, Devon ate a lot of fast food and fatty, homemade meals. "I really feel the weight issues [are] my fault," Kim says. "I know the way I cook contributed to it."

Devon wants to make a change for both his personal life and his long-term health. "I've never had a girlfriend. I've never been in a relationship, been on a date," Devon says. "I'd like to change that. If I keep going the way that I'm going, I don't even think that I'll make it five [more] years. Not at this rate. Sometimes, I go to sleep wondering if I'm going to wake up again."

Minority Health Risks

CVS pharmacist Usheema Thomas and Dr. Ian shed light on why some ethnic groups are at a higher risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Find out warning signs to look for and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Former The Biggest Loser contestants Ron and Mike Morelli, pay Devon, Butch and Kim a visit for a weight loss intervention, which starts with a heart-to-heart talk, and ends in the kitchen.

"I [am] a big follower of the show, and it's something that always motivates you when you see people in the same position that you are in lose so much weight," Devon says. "That visit kind of was a jumpstart for my motivation."

Dr. Ian explains that while Butch and Kim say that they don't want Devon to end up suffering from obesity-related diseases, they are enabling it with the food they keep in the house. "Is it going to be a change overnight? Absolutely not," Dr. Ian says. "Weight loss is difficult. It's a journey, and you have to support each other in the journey."

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork brings the family onstage to give them a wake-up call about their health. To help Devon, Butch and Kim lose weight and get healthy, 24 Hour Fitness gives them each a one-year membership, Sports Authority gives them a Pro-Form Treadmill and Fresh 'N Lean provides the family with a year's worth of nutritious meals delivered right to their door, and The Doctors sends them on an all-inclusive, week-long retreat at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, California!

Certified personal trainer and nutritionist Robert Reames also offers the three personal training and nutritional guidance for a full year!

"I'm going to be there all the time for you guys — online, on the phone, in person," Robert says. "[It's a] no-excuse environment."

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Girls' Night Out

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Sports Safety
From dehydration to knee surgery, Luke, 15, has suffered a number of setbacks while playing sports. His mother, Susie, is concerned that he gets back on the field too soon after one and wants to know what she can do to ensure her son's safety. 

Orthopedic surgeon and former professional football champion Dr. Mark Adickes, joins The Doctors to reveal health tips for young athletes like Luke.

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