How Heat Can Change Your Life

5-Minute Health Fixes

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A little heat can help your health in a big way! Find out how adding some spice to your diet can help fight fat, soothe a sore throat and treat a toothache. And, look your best with the hottest beauty treatments.

Ground-Breaking Liver Cancer Treatment
Al, 47, suffers from alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic liver disorder that makes the body unable to produce the essential protein alpha 1-antitrypsin in the liver, causing it to break down. Al developed cirrhosis, and two months ago, doctors found several lesions on his liver indicating cancer.

He is unable to undergo chemotherapy because of his genetic condition, and was told he has just months to live. "If you have more than three lesions, then you're not eligible for a transplant," Al says. "Without a transplant, my prognosis is very grim."

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic are pioneering techniques using heat to destroy cancerous tumors, and the revolutionary MRI-guided laser procedure may help save Al's life.

Learn how the groundbreaking procedure is performed.

Al undergoes the innovative laser procedure.


The Doctors and USA Weekend

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as exclusive medical contributors. Check out their HealthSmart column!

Simple ways to protect your teeth and your health.
• Check out USA Weekend for more information.

See which local newspapers feature USA Weekend.

"What I would like people to know is that there is a lot more hope out there than they realize," Al says. "I would encourage them to try to look into options at the Mayo Clinic to give them hope. That's all we can ask for."

Back Pain Cure
More than 26 million Americans suffer from chronic, debilitating back pain, which can sideline even the most active people. Cindy, 51, is one of only approximately 400 Americans to have summited Mt. Everest, but for the past eight years, she has been suffering with severe back pain.

"I go from top of the world to not being able to get out of my bed in the morning," she says. "I've tried various pain medications, but they don't help. The pain's always there. It's limiting my lifestyle and I want my life back."


Cindy undergoes a radiofrequency ablation procedure to banish her back pain for good.

See how heat can pinpoint and cure severe bouts of back pain.


Pepper Prescriptions

Find out how adding some spice to your diet can help fight fat, soothe a sore throat and treat a toothache!

Hot Pepper Gargle

8 oz. warm water
1 tablespoon honey
2 shakes of cayenne pepper
Mix in a glass and gargle to help soothe a sore throat.

Tooth Pain Treatment

Cotton swab
Cayenne pepper powder
• Dab the cayenne pepper powder on a sore tooth to relieve a toothache.

Hot or Not
Heat can help your health in many ways, but sometimes a little sizzle isn't always the solution. Find out which foods, beverages and treatments are better for you when hot, or not.

Drinking Tea: NOT
Tea is packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants, and helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation. But by drinking it hot, you may not be absorbing all the beneficial ingredients. Chilling your tea agitates it and releases more antioxidants into the water. Make sure to brew your own tea, because the bottled versions may be high in sugar.

Treating Chapped Lips: HOT
Applying ice or cold water on chapped lips may sound soothing, but it actually aggravates the sensitive skin and makes cracked lips worse. To treat chapped lips, apply a warm compress before using lip balm. It heats up the pores in the skin, allowing moisturizers to penetrate deeper.

Make your chapped lips soft and kissable!

Reducing a Fever: NOT

The Doctors' Heat Lab

A little heat can mean big benefits for your body. Enter The Doctors' Heat Lab to see hot ways to improve circulation, reduce pain and fight wrinkles!

• See how heat can treat facial redness!
E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon relax in an infrared sauna.
How a thermal cocoon wrap can give you the rest and rejuvenation of a full-night's sleep in just minutes!

If you have a fever and chills, avoid turning up the thermostat and piling on the blankets. "You could actually overheat your body," pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. "Your body is basically trying to get rid of heat, so you want to do things to your body to help that happen."

• Wear light, loose-fitting clothing

Keep the room at a mild or cool temperature
Apply a cool compress to the forehead or neck
Take a lukewarm bath
Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease aches

Eating Potatoes: NOT
Potatoes are a carbohydrate and full of starch, but when cooled, the amount of resistant starch, which does not get digested, increases, making them less like a white carbohydrate and more like a whole grain. This will benefit your waistline and your health! But don't start mixing your cooled potato with mayonnaise and sour cream.
Opt for heart-healthy olive oil, vinegar and rosemary instead, or try The Doctors' Healthy Potato Salad.


3 red potatoes
3 tablespoons of vinegar

1/2 tablespoon of olive oil
1 bunch of scallions, sliced
1/2 cup of parsley, chopped

1/3 cup of onions, diced


Prick potatoes with a fork and microwave on high until tender (about seven minutes), and turn halfway through cooking
Let them cool
Peel potatoes and cut into large pieces
In large bowl, whisk vinegar and oil
Add potatoes, scallions, parsley and onions and toss to coat
Season with pepper to taste



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