Manly Problems Women Have

A deep voice, a raging sex drive and a beer belly — does this describe your husband or you? The Doctors show women how to tone down their manly traits.

Deep Voice
Sonia, 45, says that ever since childhood, she's been mistaken for a man over the phone because of her deep voice. It's gotten to the point where she changes her voice when talking to strangers. Sonia asks why her voice is deeper than other women's, and if there is any way to change its pitch.

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Barbecue safety tips.
Shield your skin from the sun.

The mechanism for generating the human voice is divided into three parts: the lungs, the vocal cords within the larynx and the articulators, such as the tongue and the lips. The vocal cords are the primary sound source, and male vocal cords are generally longer, between 17 and 27 millimeters. Female vocal cords range from 12.5 to 17.5 millimeters, which is why males often have lower voices. Just like a harp, the longer strings make a deeper sound and the shorter strings produce a higher sound.

Laryngeal framework surgery can shorten or lengthen vocal cords, but it is a drastic procedure not recommended by most health care providers.

At-home Options to Help Change the Sound of your Voice:

Posture: Sitting up straight opens up the chest, which brings more air flow towards the vocal cords and makes the sound vibration smoother.
Lose Weight: Overall weight loss increases the muscle strength in the neck and the larynx.

A More Feminine Appearance
In some cases, cosmetic surgery is an option for obtaining more feminine features.

Erika says she is self-conscious about her weak chin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond performs a chin implant and smoothes Erika's neckline to create the profile she desires.

Both men and women have Adam's apples, but April feels that hers protrudes too much, giving her a masculine appearance. Plastic surgeon Dr. Toby Mayer reduces April's Adam's apple by performing a tracheal shave.

Small Breasts
Jill says that she considers herself flat-chested and asks what she can to do feel more like a woman.

"Femininity is not attributed to how big your breasts are. Men, we love women of all shapes and sizes," Dr. Travis says.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says that while breast augmentation
is an option, there are less-invasive solutions like Commando Cleavage Cupcakes. The 100 percent silicone insert can be worn with a bra or a bathing suit to enhance cleavage and cup size.  

Enhance your Curves

Jeannie Mai, host of The Style Network's How Do I Look? says, "The great thing about being a woman is our curves," and reveals simple wardrobe swaps for obtaining a flattering, feminine shape.

A Lively Libido

A raging sex drive is more commonly associated with men than women, but with married couple Savannah and Matthew, the tables are turned. Savannah says she would be happy having sex 10 times a day, and that while her drive has always been high, it increased greatly after having a baby.

Everyday Health A to Z:
C = Constipation

The Doctors and Everyday Health explain what causes constipation and tips to enhance digestive regularity.

Dr. Lisa says it is common for women to experience a greater sex drive after giving birth, due to hormonal changes and becoming more comfortable with their bodies. It can also be attributed to PMS, ovulation and pregnancy, or high levels of testosterone. Dr. Lisa recommends having your hormone levels screened by an OB/GYN if sex drive is a concern for you.

Beer Belly
Beer guts are caused by consuming excess empty calories that don't properly satisfy hunger, which leads to over eating. A typical beer has 150 calories and drinking several in one sitting will load up on calories fast. Alcohol has also been known to increase appetite, leading to what may be unnecessary eating.

Three Tips to Reducing a Beer Belly:
• Move more
• Eat less
• Everything in moderation

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