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Considering plastic surgery, Botox or facial peels? Get the skinny on the latest treatments and see if they’re right for you.

Two Fats that Make you Thin
We’re often advised to steer clear of fattening foods, but E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork defends the good fats that shouldn’t be excluded from our diets. 

“If you’re eating good fats, it helps your body get rid of the bad fats that are in there,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears adds.

Healthy Fat: Avocados 
These fruits contain monounsaturated fats, good fats that are beneficial to your heart and can lower cholesterol. Adding just a few slices to any dish will leave you feeling satisfied until your next meal. But, beware of eating too much avocado, as they are also high in calories.

Healthy Fat: Nuts
Eating two ounces of nuts five times per week has been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels by 12 percent. Dr. Travis suggests spreading nut butter, such as almond or cashew, over a slice of whole grain toast for a nutritious and satisfying snack.

Baking Soda: A New Fitness Trend?
While this household staple is known for whitening teeth, soothing stomach aches and even treating blemishes, it may also increase stamina when engaging in physical activity. Sodium bicarbonate in baking soda alkalinizes lactic acid, the chemical that causes pain and burning in your muscles during vigorous activity. Results are increased energy and stamina, which are reported to be so significant that some sports officials may be considering banning its use among professional athletes.

Does it really work? The Doctors weigh in.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon’s Signature “O” Lift
Stress can take a toll on your body, especially on your face. Sue, 58, says that, until recently, she has always been told she looks younger than her age. After divorcing her husband of 21 years this year, Sue lost a great deal of weight, aging her dramatically in a matter of months. To begin healing from the emotional and physical damages of the divorce, Sue says she needed to make a drastic change.

Dr. Ordon revitalizes Sue’s face and spirit with his signature “O” Lift, which combines a facelift, fat transfer and laser treatment.

Sue says “I am so happy, it’s the best thing I ever did for myself.” See the amazing results!

Nooreya’s New Nose

Twenty-one-year-old Nooreya is number nine in a family of 10 sisters. While they have many physical similarities, Nooreya feels her nose is what makes her different. Nooreya’s sisters all have straight, defined profiles and Nooreya’s is asymmetrical with a tip that dips downward.

Dr. Ordon and plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra perform a septoplasty to correct Nooreya’s deviated septum, which was blocking her airway and making her nose appear crooked. After fixing her nose’s functionality, Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra begin rhinoplasty, realigning the bones to form the profile Nooreya desires.

“As plastic surgeons, we recognize that nasal surgery is one of the most difficult things do to,” Dr. Ordon says. “We’re making incisions inside the nose and working in very tight spots.”

Dr. Ordon explains the precision involved in executing nasal surgery, and Nooreya puts her best face forward to show off her new nose.

“I feel great, I’m very happy,” Nooreya reports.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Jenni, 29, is bothered by the bump on the bridge of her nose. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin performs a non-invasive injection rhinoplasty to create the even slope Jenni desires.

To camouflage Jenni’s bump, Dr. Rivkin applies numbing cream and injects fillers above and below the bump to even out the skin, making the bridge appear smaller and more symmetric, with results lasting 10 to 12 months. See Jenni's new nose!

Buttock Augmentation
Millions of people are unhappy with shape of their backside. Whether it’s saggy, flabby or flat, butt augmentation may be the solution for a better behind.

Booty Boosting Moves

Celebrity trainer Marco Borges shares simple exercises to enhance your glutes!

Web Exclusive: Marco reveals even more butt-blasting tips!

After two years of thinking it over, Renee, 23, has decided to get butt implants to achieve her vision of an ideal body.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton performs the augmentation by inserting silicone rubber implants through a small 2-inch incision. The advantages to the solid rubber implants, as compared to gel implants, are that they cannot rupture and normally last an entire lifetime without needing to be replaced.

While Renee says she’s very happy with her rounder, perkier behind, she admits she was very sore following the surgery.

Learn how your backside affects your health!
Watch the Columbian Hi-Def Butt Lift

Non-Surgical Beauty Solutions
Surgery isn’t the only way to enhance your looks. Learn simple and painless ways to look younger!

Tighten your face with The Face Wrap!

Update your look with hair extensions.

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