How to Choose the Best of the Worst

The Doctors offers advice for making the wisest health choices in the worst circumstances.

The Adventures of Dr. Sears

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears hits the streets in the second installment of The Doctors' interactive movie, The Adventures of Dr. Sears, where he faces real-life health challenges, and the audience decides his next move! Check out the original The Adventures of Dr. Sears.

Everyday Health:
Too Wired to Sleep

Studies show that 95 percent of people use some form of technology before bedtime, and 38 percent check Facebook or Twitter before hitting the hay. The Doctors and Everyday Health explain why technology and social networking can sabotage your sleep.

Simple sleep tips
Pick the perfect pillow



Sleepless Night

Dr. Sears tosses and turns all night and doesn't get a wink of sleep. How will he power through his day without any shuteye?

Audience Choice: Caffeine — See if several cups of Joe keeps him going throughout the day.
Web-Exclusive Alternate Ending
: Energy Drink — Is this beverage a better choice?

Tempter Tantrums
Dr. Sears takes his 6-year-old nephew, Bobby, out for a hot dog, but things quickly head south when Bobby throws a temper tantrum as they wait in a crowded line. Moms and dads, what is the best plan of action?


Audience Choice: Leave —  Dr. Sears removes Bobby from the situation.
Web-Exclusive Alternate Ending Ignore They stay in line, and Dr. Sears ignores Bobby while he continues to stomp his feet.
Web-Exclusive Alternate Ending: Discipline on the spot — See what happens when Dr. Sears scolds Bobby in front of the entire line.

Midnight Snack
After a busy day without enough rest, Dr. Sears feels hungry before bed. Which snack is best before turning in for the night?

Audience Choice: Cheese - Will a small piece of cheese curb his hunger and help him fall asleep?
Web-Exclusive Alternate Ending: Chips and salsa - Can you get a good night's rest after ingesting this crunchy, salty snack?
Web-Exclusive Alternate Ending: Ice cream - Is this sweet, creamy treat good for drifting off to dreamland?

Tell us which movie ending you liked best!

Dental Ambush

The Doctors
co-executive producer, Andrew Scher, has been in pain for several months due to a broken crown, and hasn't had time to get it fixed because of his busy schedule. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and dentist Dr. Kevin Barrett take Andrew to the procedure room so he can get his tooth fixed in only an hour's time with theCerec CAD/CAM dental system.

5-Minute Health Fixes

Got five minutes? Get healthy with The Doctors' book,The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health!


CEREC CAD/CAM Technology
• Using a camera, a computer, and a milling machine, dentists can prepare and place natural looking restorations, such as crowns and onlays, while you wait.
• With this technology, dentists can salvage more of the healthy part of the tooth, which helps to restore strength comparable to your natural tooth structure.
• The CEREC procedure is simple: the patient is shown the defect, the tooth is prepared, and an optical impression is created in just a few seconds.
• The easy-to-use CEREC 3D camera always displays the tooth in constant magnification, regardless of the distance between the preparation site and the lens.
• Even virtually inaccessible areas can be precisely acquired. The three-dimensional optical impression of the preparation and the antagonists provides a dependable basis for designing the restoration.
• For more information, please visit


Girls' Night Out
Heading out for a night on the town with your besties? Find out why women cannot go toe-to-toe with men when it comes to drinking alcohol. Plus, hangover remedies for anyone!

Best ways to cure a hangover
Learn how to prevent a hangover

Breakfast Buffet Bust

Before the show, the audience enjoyed a self-serve breakfast brimming with choices. See who made the right choice and who was sabotaged by sweets!

Bad Bathroom Blunders
What should you do when you're unexpectedly without restroom essentials? The Doctors share simple, quick tips for when you're in a bind.






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