20 Fast Fixes for Dozens of Problems

The Doctors share 20 fast fixes for dozens of common problems!

Home Remedies in Your Pantry
Finding cures for your common health problem doesn't have to be difficult. You may have solutions in your kitchen cabinets. The Doctors show you how items in your pantry can help ease your woes. Make sure you don't have any negative reactions to these ingredients before trying the remedies.

Maple Syrup Solutions
Maple syrup isn't just a delicious breakfast condiment. It can also help fend off colds!

Beauty and Health
on a Budget

From the magic of mayonnaise, to tea tree oil treatments and the power of papaya, beauty expert Kym Douglas and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears share simple, quick fixes for looking good and feeling great!

Find out the surprising health benefits of some of your favorite foods. 
Registered dietitian Ashley Koff and The Doctors explain the important role fiber plays in your overall health.
Get the recipe for The Doctors' Problem Solving Smoothie!

Research shows that the high amounts of zinc and manganese in the sweet topping help fight inflammation, amp up energy production and get white blood cells ready to fight infection. It is important to buy high-quality maple syrup; look for grade A, medium amber or dark amber types, because light maple syrups are diluted with water and sugar. consume in moderation because syrup does contain high amounts of sugar, and too much sugar decreases the activity of white blood cells.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates how a maple syrup facial can help fight aging.

Download the recipe!

Tea Treatments
Tea is known to have cancer-fighting properties, but it can also aid in treating a number of other common ailments.

A warm teabag placed over the eye can help treat a stye, which is a tender, red bump on the eyelid caused by a bacterial infection. The tea leaves help modulate cell activity to fight infection, and the warm compress helps soothe the area. Tea's tannins and polyphenols help reduce the swelling and discharge from pink eye.
Chamomile tea contains compounds to reduce inflammation, irritation and soothe the itchy, dry skin of eczema. Brush the warm tea on an affected area.

Beat Blemishes with Baking Soda
Because baking soda is mildly abrasive, it can work wonders on your skin. Mix with water and apply the paste to exfoliate, treat blemishes and unclog pores. The treatment won't work on deep cysts, however.

You can use the same paste to soothe razor burn by soaking a cotton ball in it and applying it to the face. Leave the mixture on until it dries, about five minutes, then rise with cool water. Repeat two to three times per day until the bumps completely subside.

Benefits of Vinegar

Ease a Sunburn: Applying distilled vinegar to a mild sunburn can ease the sting because the acetic acid in vinegar acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Freshen-Up Hair: Combine vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz a little bit onto your hair for three to five minutes and rinse. The vinegar removes build-up from styling products, restores a healthy pH balance to the hair and adds shine.
Disinfect: Vinegar is a powerful disinfectant, capable of killing viruses and bacteria on counters, and can be a great alternative to cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

Toothpaste Treatments

From bee stings, to pimples to marks on the wall, see the multitude of uses for toothpaste!

The Nice Spice
Cinnamon isn't just a sweet spice; it has a number of health benefits.

Adding ½ tsp of cinnamon to your daily diet can help lower cholesterol. Cinnamon also improves insulin function, which can lower your risk for diabetes.

The spice has also been found to contain strong antibacterial and microbial properties, and can help fight bad breath.

Home and Body Remedies

Best-selling author and "Accidental Housewife," Julie Edelman, shows you five fast, non-toxic cleaning tips for your home and body!

 From relieving jellyfish stings, to freshening up laundry and disinfecting cuts, spirits can surprisingly solve a number of problems.

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