Things that Need Warning Labels

The Doctors reveal common items that should come with warning labels.

Plastic Packaging
If you're ever frustrated, injured or stumped when trying to remove the plastic packaging that encase many products, you're not alone. "I still don't know how to open these things," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. "At first, you try [using] your hands, then you'll break a nail, cut your hand. Then, you'll go [to] box cutters. And still, with [box cutters] I still don't know how to open it without hurting myself.

"This should come with a warning label," Dr. Travis declares.

Child Advocacy

Attorney and author of The Everyday Advocate, Areva Martin, joins The Doctors to shed light on hot issues surrounding children.

The best way to handle bullying.
Should smoking in kids' films be banned?

Once you begin making progress at opening the plastic, you may be left with dangerous, razor-sharp pieces of plastic. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates how to safely and easily open the packaging.

Restaurant Warning Labels
There is a growing trend in homes and at restaurants throughout the country to eat increasingly more calories. The Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Arizona prides itself on bad-for-you, artery-clogging entrees, as their motto is, "Taste worth dying for." Recently, their 575-pound spokesman, Blair River, died at 29 years old.

To curb the dangerous, extreme caloric trend, Dr. Travis suggests that restaurants should have warning labels. "[It should say], 'Warning, if you consume too many of these meals, it can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature death,'" he says. "Crazy concept, but it's a warning, right?"

The Doctors expose the dangerous amount of calories in your favorite restaurant fare.

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The Doctors Saves a Life
For about a year, David, now 48, experienced blood in his stool and believed the problem was due to hemorrhoids. Despite using ointments to treat the hemorrhoids, he continued to have bloody stools.

Ask Our Doctors

From long waits in the waiting room and how they train future physicians, The Doctors pull the back the curtain on the doctor's office and answer your biggest questions!

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One day, David was watching an episode of The Doctors, during which gastroenterologist Dr. Jeffrey Sherman gave a tour of the inside of the colon. "The doctor actually went inside, and he would show you different parts, and what was going on inside the colon," David says. "Seeing The Doctors episode scared me into knowing that it was something else, more than what I was trying to self-medicate myself for, and it gave me a different outlook where I knew I had to get help."

Doctors found a 7 cm tumor in David's colon, and said he would need surgery to have it removed. "He told me it was cancer," David says. "Looking back, seeing that The Doctors episode of the giant colon put me on the right track to getting help."

David and his wife, Theresa, join The Doctors to give an update on his prognosis
, and Dr. Ordon explains why early detection of colon cancer is vital.

"We love that we were your instigator, but remember, everybody out there, we're not your doctors. What we're trying to do is to get you to talk to your doctors, and go to your doctors and know the signals, just as you did," OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

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