Your Smelliest and Hairiest Problems Solved

Bad breath, bad hair and bad gas — The Doctors tackle your smelliest and hairiest body problems!

The Gas We Pass
Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explains that we break wind 14 times a day on average and says "flatulence is a good thing. Let the fart be your friend."

Everyday Health A to Z:
R = Rosacea

Rosacea affects more than 15 million people worldwide. The Doctors and Everyday Health explain the causes of this condition and what signs to look out for.

How to Minimize Gas
• Eat more fruits and vegetables, which help digestion.

• Eat smaller meals.

• Avoid spicy foods, coffee and tea.
• Drink a cup of warm water to settle your diaphragm and reduce burping.

• See a solution for those suffering with foul-smelling gas.
• Gas can sometimes be painful. Learn why and how to prevent it.
• Try The Doctors' Flatulence-Free Dip.
• Simple tips to help keep gas at bay.


We all suffer from bad breath at times and dental hygiene doesn't always solve the problem. Tressie, George and Mandy take the stage without brushing their teeth, and demonstrate how their own home remedies work on strong, overnight breath.


Audience member Marceia takes a whiff of each person's breath before and after using each solution. See whose remedy worked and whose failed.

How to Beat Bad Breath

• Eat yogurt

• Brush your teeth twice a day

• Floss at least once a day

• Rake your tongue after you brush your teeth
• Use an oral irrigator daily

• Gargle with antimicrobial mouthwash

• Drink lots of water

• See your dentist for regular cleanings, at least every six months

• Other remedies to end bad breath.
• Does removing your child's tonsils cause them to gain a few pounds? The Doctors weigh in.

Doggy Breath
Sarah says that her dog, Chewy, has very offensive breath. Veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan says that a furry friend's breath shouldn't smell stinky, and explains how important it is to take care of your dog's oral hygiene.

Hair Loss
The most common cause of hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as male pattern or common baldness, and stems from the effects of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on genetically susceptible hair follicles. This sensitivity to DHT is usually present in hair follicles in the front, top and crown of the scalp and can be inherited from either parent. However, research suggests that factors of the x-chromosome have been shown to influence hair loss, leading to the belief that it may stem more from the maternal side.

5-Minute Health Fixes

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Male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95 percent of hair loss in men, and by age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of appreciable hair loss; by age 50, roughly 85 percent of men have significantly thinning hair. Baldness also occurs in women, yet the science of female hair loss is still largely misunderstood.

Twenty-six-year-old Zack is concerned about his receding hairline and says it's taken a toll on his social life.  Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley performs a hair transplant on Zack, and explains that 2,000 individual hair grafts are taken from the back of the head and implanted into areas where hair is thinning. The procedure takes an average of five to six hours, and normal recovery time is up to one week. Results are usually seen after six months and last about 10 to 15 years.

Zack's progress a month and a half after his hair transplant.


What Zack can expect to see within six months of the procedure.

Curl Control
Many people are blessed with curly hair, but sometimes it can be hard to manage. Hairstylist and co-author of Curly Girl: The Handbook, Lorraine Massey, says that curly tresses are much dryer than other hair types. "If you were thirsty, you'd drink water," she says. "Curly hair is thirsty and needs moisture."

Lorraine demonstrates three of the book's solutions for fighting frizz on three curly-haired volunteers.

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