Pump Up the Volume!

Plump Up Your Lips
Do you want fuller, plumper lips? You’re not alone. Suzanne, 45, is looking for a new way to add volume to her aging lips. “I hate my lips,” she says. “They’re thin. My upper lip is just sliding down. I feel really ugly.”

Pump Up Your Beauty

Dr. Ordon and beauty expert and author Nina Sutton show you how to boost your beauty on a budget!

More budget beauty tips from Nina!

Despite previous attempts to plump her lips, including permanent makeup and 12-hour lipstick, Suzanne wasn’t able to achieve the look she says she desires. “It’s difficult to feel plain and feel like you blend in, and there’s just nothing special,” she says.

Suzanne visits plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon to undergo the Angel Wing procedure, designed to create a fuller, more youthful lip line.

“You’ve seen me do a lot of different things on the lips, but in this case, this is going to a whole new dimension!” Dr. Ordon says.

Dr. Ordon explains how the Angel Wing procedure is performed.

See Suzanne’s incredible results just four days after surgery.

Combating Chicken Legs
Tom, 43, has always had skinny legs, and wants to find a way to permanently pump them up. “I hate my legs!” he says. “People used to call me all kinds of names, everything from ‘chicken legs,’ to ‘skinny girl.’

Improve Your Hearing

See a new device that uses your teeth to amplify your hearing.

“I’ve tried everything [to bulk up my calves],” Tom adds. “I went from treadmills to the weight room, to jogging. I tried all these supplements, which did nothing except get me fatter.”

To add mass to his lower legs, Tom visits plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers, who takes fat from Tom’s midsection and injects it into the calf muscle. The results not only give Tom fuller calves, but a slimmer stomach. “What I’m looking forward to is actually having man calves for once in my life, and not being so self-conscious.”

Find out how the procedure is performed, and see Tom’s new look!

Pump Up the Volume
For the last six months, Stewart, 27, has been suffering from a sore throat and hoarseness in his voice. At first, he thought he had a simple case of laryngitis, but as his symptoms became more painful and the irritation in his throat worsened, he worried it might be something more serious.

Stewart visits otolaryngologist Dr. Brian Weeks to learn the cause of his pain and hoarseness, and undergoes a procedure to remedy his condition.

Stewart joins The Doctors on the phone to reveal the results of his procedure. Learn the signs and symptoms you should be aware of if your voice begins to weaken.

The Power of a First Kiss
What do you remember about your first kiss? According to psychologists, most people can recall up to 90 percent of their first romantic kiss, and rate it as more memorable than losing their virginity.

Tell us: Which was more memorable to you: Your first kiss, or when you lost your virginity?

Hear what others had to say.

“I think a first kiss is extremely powerful,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “I think that maybe it’s undermined today a little bit, because kids learn the message so quickly about sex, that it takes away [from the first kiss]. When I was a kid, it was all about the kiss.”

Excessive sodium intake has become a nationwide health epidemic that can lead severe health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. To raise awareness, The Doctors kicked off a major movement to Halt the Salt!

Join the movement and take the pledge to Halt the Salt!

Halt the Salt Pledge

I Pledge To:

1. Eat no more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day.

2. Compare nutrition facts labels and choose lower-sodium items. Print out a quick label reference guide!

3. Eat and serve my family three to five servings of vegetables and two to four servings of fruit each day

4. Spread awareness and encourage others to "Halt the Salt" by adding a "Halt the Salt" Twibbon to my Facebook and Twitter.

5. Let food companies know that I want less salt in my food. 

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