Get to Know Your Girl Parts!

Ladies: Find out how to look and feel your best as The Doctors highlights the extraordinary functions of the female body!

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

Joan and Melissa Rivers Join The Doctors
TV hosts Joan and Melissa Rivers, talk parenting, plastic surgery, and Joan's recent move from New York to Los Angeles to live with Melissa.

Web Exclusive
Joan reveals her secrets for babysitting her grandson!

Too Hot For TV
What sex advice does Joan give Melissa?

"Women are so amazing," Joan says. "We're homemakers, we're mothers, we're nurturers, and now we're even breadwinners. Women have so many functions in their lives ... keep going, don't look back and move ahead!"

The Breasts
An important part of the female anatomy, the breasts are made of two glands to produce milk and feed offspring. Throughout history, breasts have played a key role in female sexuality, art, media and culture.

Since the first breast implants in 1962, many women have sought out larger, fuller breasts. Now, more than four decades later, there are a number of options for defying gravity.

Breast Implants 101
Twenty-five-year-old Charlene is dissatisfied with her 34 A cup breasts and reaches out to The Doctors with her questions about breast implants.

Everyday Health A to Z
H = Hyperhidrosis

The Doctorsand Everyday Health discuss excessive sweating and how to treat the condition.

Charlene previews her body with three different cup sizes, using Vector Imaging technology, to decide which size fits her best. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon then explains four implant options and points out the differences in the procedures.

A Nonsurgical Solution
Dr. Ordon explains the CACI treatment, a new, nonsurgical option for obtaining larger breasts. Using electrical stimulation, breast muscles and fibers are tightened to fill and lift each breast in just 15 minutes, producing results that last three to five days.

Amy, 29, has a 30-inch bust and undergoes the procedure to add an inch or two. See the results!

"It doesn't hurt," Amy says. "It's just a little zap and a little stimulation."

The Female Reproductive System
Who knows the female anatomy better -- women or men?

The Brain
"The brain is the most important female sexual organ says," OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. Tantric sex teaches us to utilize the mind-body connection for better orgasms.

How to Recognize Your Mind-Body Connection
1. Vigorously rub your hands together until you feel heat between them.

2. Slowly pull your hands apart, and feel the sensation of rubber bands holding your hands together. This is the mind-body connection.

In the bedroom, imagine that you are releasing sexual energy through your breath as you exhale, then release that energy "down there" as you inhale.

SILS Hysterectomy
More than 600,000 women undergo a hysterectomy every year, the removal of the female reproductive organs. The procedure is often performed as a means to treat uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers, as well as endometriosis or other complications with the reproductive system.

Dr. Lisa explains the different methods of hysterectomy, as well as the SILS hysterectomy, a new procedure that makes an incision in the belly button for minimal scarring and a short recovery time.

Stephanie, a busy mother of eight, started experiencing severe pain in her uterus. To relieve these symptoms, Dr. Jorge Lense performed the SILS hysterectomy, and after a two-week recovery, Stephanie says she is pain-free and back to an active life with her family.