Your Health in the Headlines

The Doctors weigh in on the latest health headlines.

How much coffee can you stomach? Learn the risks of consuming a new 31-ounce cup of Joe.

Would you pay your way into the emergency room? See some hospitals’ solutions for eliminating wait time.

Are you concerned about the effects of cell phone radiation?
A new device may help you rest easy.

Sing Along

While it can be fun and even a little embarrassing, karaoke has a number of health benefits. Learn how singing with your friends can help your heart, and watch The Doctors belt a familiar tune!

The Orgasm Flu
Could you be allergic to sex? Researchers estimate that less than 1 percent of the male population suffer from post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS), a mysterious condition that causes affected men to fall ill with flu-like symptoms, such as feverishness, runny nose, extreme fatigue and burning eyes immediately after ejaculation. 

While previously thought to be a psychological illness, a recent small study in the Netherlands found that POIS may be caused by an allergy to semen, as 88 percent of the men who reported symptoms tested positive to an allergy to their own semen on a skin-prick test. Some of the men tested even saw their symptoms improve after undergoing hyposensitization therapy, a technique for treating allergies.

Relationship Debates

Who is more likely to cheat if their partner gains weight: men or women?

Sex, money or chocolate: Which do women prefer most?

Marry rich or earn your own fortune? See what women are saying.

• If forced to choose, which would you pick to keep as you age: a fit body or a young-looking face?
Weigh in on these hot relationship debates!

The Right to Record Your Child's Birth
A growing number of hospitals are restricting the use of cameras and video recording devices in the delivery room, due to privacy and safety concerns. Should parents have a right to photograph and record their child's birth? New mom and star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks, shares her thoughts.

Unique Underwear

Does size really matter? Check out new designer underwear that can boost the appearance of a man’s assets. And, see how Sexy Period panties can safeguard against spillage during that time of the month.

Menstruation Bracelet
A company manager in Norway has instituted a controversial new policy intended to reduce lost productivity due to frequent restroom trips. The policy orders all female employees to wear red bracelets while they are on their periods to justify frequent trips to the restroom.

“Thank God this isn’t here, or you guys know that I would be picketing it,” Dr. Lisa says. “Can you imagine if you had to wear one of these to work when you had your period? That’s just beyond anything that I can imagine.”

“I can’t believe he’s keeping employees,” plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon adds.

How would you react if your boss required you to wear a bracelet indicating you were on your period?


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