How Cold Can Improve Your Health

Life-Saving Hypothermia
In September, Amy, 38, suffered sudden cardiac arrest while at work. She didn't show any warning signs beforehand, and despite a quick response by paramedics, Amy went approximately 20 minutes without a heartbeat. See her amazing story.

Doctors induce hypothermia in a high-tech attempt to save Amy's life.

Given just a 25 percent chance of survival, Amy survived against the odds. See how she is doing now!

Amy's doctor discusses the treatment, and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates how it works.

Storing Makeup

Find out why you should keep your makeup cool, and a solution for when you're on the go!

More on life-saving hypothermia.
First line of defense against cardiac arrest.
Must-know CPR techniques.
Learn how to perform CPR on an infant.
• Test your heart health knowledge.

• Tips for surviving a heart attack.
• Heart attack action plan.

The Doctors' Cold Lab
Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon takes you inside The Doctors' Cold Lab to demonstrate surprising icy solutions for better skin!

Popsicle Facial
Reduce puffiness and signs of aging with The Doctors' Popsicle Facial!


Mix green tea with 16 oz cold water
Mix 8 oz of vitamin E oil
Mix 16 oz grapefruit juice (natural, not from concentrate)
Fill 2 ice cube trays and place in freezer
Before cubes freeze completely, place tooth picks or popsicle sticks in each cube


5-Minute Health Fixes

Got five minutes? Get healthy with The Doctors' book,The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health!

Grapefruit juice contains acidic pulp, which will alleviate oily skin. It also contains vitamin C, which promotes healthy cell growth.
Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants that prevent the effects of aging, and is high in alpha tocopherol, which can prevent sun damage and dryness.
• Green tea also contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from the skin and promote healthy pigmentation.

"Ice Cream" Pedicure
Katie Carzola, owner of The Painted Nail in Los Angeles, explains how to give your feet a sweet treat!

Find out where you can get the "Ice Cream" Pedicure.

Cool Benefits
Learn the surprising benefits of cold!

Can you freeze your fat now to look younger later on?

Are there benefits to storing umbilical cord blood?

Find out how you can freeze away foot pain.





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OAD 5/4/11