10 Rules It's OK to Break

The Doctors share 10 rules that are meant to be broken!

10. Women Need Foreplay
"Ladies, you can actually have fun with a quickie," OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. "It's not a bad thing if you're not getting the foreplay, as long as [the sex is] enjoyable. If it's right in the moment, go for it."

A quickie can be just as intimate as a long love-making session, so spice up your love life by mixing it up! And, according to a new study, most men and women actually prefer seven to 13 minutes of sex.

What's more is that the increase in heart rate that comes with a quick session is similar to an intense aerobic exercise, so it promotes cardiovascular health.

9. Don't "Hold It"
In general, holding in your urine can increase your risk of bladder infections, so in most cases, it isn't advised. But one exception to the rule is kegel exercises. Dr. Lisa explains how learning to hold in urine teaches women and men how to exercise the muscles on the pelvic floor. Strong pubococcygeus (PC) muscles help prevent urinary leakage, prepare women for pregnancy and have been known to increase sexual gratification.

There are two ways to do kegel exercises: Hold your urine mid-stream when going to the bathroom, and squeeze and contract the PC muscles throughout the day.

8. Never Go Out without Makeup

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says that women should break this rule regularly, and explains why skin needs to breathe. He adds that it's especially important to be makeup-free when exercising, as it's essential to sweat out toxins and release them through your pores.

7. No Pain, No Gain
Founder and CEO of YAS Fitness Centers Kim Fowler says that fitness gurus used to preach that you couldn't be physically fit without feeling pain. But in reality, to benefit from exercise, you just need to break a sweat and keep your blood circulating, which boosts your immune system.

6. Never Skip a Workout
Kim says that mixing cardiovascular-boosting activities like spinning, with the strength and flexibility elements of yoga, make for a complete and well-rounded workout. You don't have to stick to one workout such as cardio or weight training to see results.

5. Eat Salads to Lose Weight
Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads, says that in her 20s, she was a low-carb dieter, which caused her to lose weight and gain even more back. "Finally, I learned some things about nutrition and lost 30 pounds getting away from salad," she says.

Christine catches Sabrena concocting a salad with the same amount of calories as a cheeseburger!

Christine shares surprising low-cal swaps for high-calorie salads. Get the recipes!

4. The Five-Second Rule
Can you really eat food that's fallen on the floor if you pick it up within five seconds? With the help of four-year-old Jesse, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears puts the five-second rule to the test.The team tests the amount of germs on cheese puffs and apple slices after they've been dropped on grass, tile and cement. See which food-floor combination picked up the most bacteria.

Dr. Sears says that all 12 samples actually grew some degree of bacteria, so if food falls on the floor, it will pick up some dirt. Some of the bacteria might not cause any harm, but it's better to be safe then sorry. "In general, use the zero-second rule," Dr. Sears says. "If it touches the ground, it's going to get germs on it regardless."

3. Use Facial Astringent
Astringent may be an unnecessary step in facial cleansing. The alcohol content in one bottle of astringent adds up to more than 10 shot glasses of tequila. Dr. Ordon explains that applying harsh astringent can dry out skin, and skin flakes will get caught in pores and cause pimples. He advises using a toner with little to no alcohol in it, if you'd rather not skip this step in your regimen.

2. Bathe Your Baby Every Day
Dr. Sears says that parents should bathe their babies once or twice a week, at most. Bathing your baby too often can wash off the natural moisturizing layer of oil on his or her skin, leaving it cracked, dry and red with eczema. However, it is OK to spot clean the diaper area, face and neck, but not a complete bath every day.

"When you first bring baby home as a newborn," Dr. Sears says, "[he or she] will have an umbilical cord attached. So don't immerse Baby in water for the first week or two until the cord dries up and falls off."

Dr. Sears also advises turning the water heater down to 120 degrees before bringing home a newborn, as water hotter than that can burn a baby's skin.

1. Always Skip Dessert
Eating dessert is OK, as long as you make the right choices. Try Christine's recipe for healthy coconut ice cream!