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Product Recalls
Gayle, from Natchez, Mississippi, says she read that a recall has been ordered on the nightlights in her home, as they've been found to cause fires. She asks who orders a recall and if she should dispose of the lights even if she hasn't had a problem with them. 

Former criminal trial prosecutor and legal expert Loni Coombs says that a recall is ordered by the manufacturer of the product or by the federal agency that oversees the safety of the product. She explains the steps to take if a product you own has been recalled. "First of all, stop. Stop using it," she says. "If it's a car, stop driving it. If it's cosmetics, stop putting it on your face. If it's food, stop eating it. And if it's a nightlight, unplug it, take it out and stop using it. 

"But don't throw it away," Loni adds. "That's just money down the drain ... Contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer might let you know that your product is not even one of the ones that's recalled. Just because it says a nightlight by that manufacturer [has been recalled], it might be just one specific batch that they produce."

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If your product is among those recalled, Loni says the manufacturer will most likely tell you to do one of two things:

Fix it: The manufacturer will send you a fix-it kit with directions on how to repair it yourself.

Send it Back: The manufacturer will ask you to send the item back to them for a full refund.

"Gayle may say, 'I've had no problems with my nightlights, and I'm just going to keep using it, [because] that's the easiest thing to do,'" Loni says. "That's a decision you have to make for your family. But before you make that decision, let me point out one thing: Manufacturers do not like recalls. They're expensive. Sometimes,            they put the company under. It brings bad publicity. It's very costly to the company. So if they've decided the defect is dangerous enough for them to order a recall, we should probably decide it's dangerous enough for our family that we stop using it." 

Loni explains what you can do to find out if a product you own has been recalled, and offers other options consumers

Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission and for the latest recall information.

Crib Recalls
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Rodent Risks

See how easily rats and mice can set up shop in your home, and how rodents — even ones kept as pets — can put your family's health at risk.

Hidden Food Dangers
Do you know what's lurking in your food? Although foods like cantaloupes, bananas, oranges and avocados are covered by a protective skin, it doesn't mean they are protected from harmful germs and bacteria. 

The Doctors sent samples of each to microbiologist Cathy Landmann at Labs Inc. to find out what's hiding in these fruits. Learn the dangers and how to protect yourself at mealtime!

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