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Ladies: what do you want to know about your man? The Doctors' panel of experts, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and the author of the upcoming book The Traveler's Guide to Men, Dr. Ian K. Smith, uncover the mysteries of men's health.

"We [men] seem so simple next to the complexities of women," Dr. Travis says. "But there are still some unanswered questions."

Why Do Men Shrink in Cold Weather?
Male genital shrinkage is a matter of survival; men have sympathetic nerves that respond to stress, like cold weather, as a protective mechanism. In a situation where the penis needs more protection, it will constrict to stay out of harm's way. Pressuring your husband in the bedroom is also a form of stress and can make it more difficult for him to respond sexually.

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The health of a man's penis reflects his overall health. If long-term shrinkage occurs, make sure he consults his doctor to determine if treatment is needed.

Why Is a Kick In the Pants So Painful?
A man's testicles are highly sensitive because they are surrounded by nerves that act as a surveillance system to alert the body when it's in danger. Sperm needs to be 2 degrees cooler than body temperature, which is why testicles are stored in the scrotum on the exterior of the body, making them vulnerable to injury. It is possible to fracture a testicle, and if a fracture is not cared for properly, it can lead to infertility. Parents must remember to have their sons wear an athletic cup when playing contact sports to protect this area of the body.

"If you don't have testicles, you'll never understand why they're so sensitive," Dr. Travis says. "It hurts so bad, that you can't breathe and you can't move."

Why Do Men Get Beer Bellies?
While women tend to gain weight on the lower half of their bodies to prepare for child rearing, men tend to collect fat in their bellies. Belly fat, also known as a beer belly, is the most dangerous type of fat, and one of the main reasons why men die earlier of heart disease and diabetes.

"It doesn't come from just drinking beer," Dr. Ordon says. "It's more from wrong eating choices and not getting enough exercise."

If your man is carrying around a beer belly, urge him to improve his diet and increase his exercise to lower the risk of disease and early death.

Why Do Men Cheat?
Studies show that 37 percent of males have admitted to cheating, as compared to 15 percent of women. Another study reveals that men have a thrill-seeking gene, DRD4, which may lead to reckless behavior, though this is not an excuse.

Some men may also cheat for self-validation due to a lack of confidence. "I've found a lot of less-confident men are more inclined to cheat," Dr. Travis says. "It may not be as much about [the significant other] as his own self-confidence issues."

While 92 percent of men say that cheating is not all about sex, a great deal of unfaithfulness occurs because of an unhealthy sexual relationship. Proper communication in the bedroom is key to a resilient relationship.

Dr. Travis reminds us, "Not all men cheat. There are a lot of loyal men out there and we take pride in it."

Why Do Men Stare at Large Breasts?
The Doctors hits the streets to see how men genuinely react to a woman's breast size.
Dr. Ian says that men actually don't obsess over large breasts, and noticing them is a fleeting moment. Most men prefer average-sized breasts, and a study of 100,000 men found that the most-likeable breast size is a C cup.

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