20 Must-Do Things to Jumpstart Your Day

Getting a good night's sleep is the difference between sprinting and lagging through your day. The Doctors shares 20 simple tips to get your best night's sleep tonight and make your morning stress-free!

1. Vanity Insanity

wear moisturizer with SPF or cream to bed, as they can clog your pores. Instead, use gels and serums and sleep with moisture gloves and socks.

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be careful to not be too aggressive when removing makeup. Excessive rubbing of your skin will create wrinkles.

2. Bathroom Break

Stop drinking liquids two hours before sleep and urinate immediately before bed. Failing to empty your bladder entirely causes bacteria to multiply and increases your chance of developing a urinary tract infection.

3. Food Do's and Don'ts before Bed

Certain foods can cause havoc on a good night's sleep.

Don't Eat:

Salty foods: will cause you to retain water
Spicy foods: will irritate digestion
Artificial sweeteners and citrus fruit: can irritate the bladder

Do Eat:

Cherries and cherry juice: will boost the body's supply of melatonin, the natural sleeping aid
Whole grain cereal and skim milk: contain carbohydrates, calcium and are low in protein, making them a good sleep-inducing bedtime snack.

4. Be Prepared
Prepare your morning routine the night before.

5. Write it Down
Keep a pen and pad next to your bed to write those last-minute thoughts — or even some brilliant idea in the middle of the night!

Ted Williams' Dental Visit

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears accompanies the famed "man with the golden voice," Ted Williams, to his first dental visit in 20 years!

Wear Socks to Bed
Your feet have the worst circulation in the body, and keeping them warm will ensure your body stays at the right temperature throughout the night.

7. Chill Out

For optimal sleep, it's best to be cool. Take a hot shower no later than two hours before bed. Since your body heats up while in warm water, your body will correct itself and make your internal temperature drop faster, helping you achieve sounder sleep more quickly. Once you're ready for bed, cool your room to a mild 68 to 74 degrees, proven to be the ideal temperature for sleep.

8. Assume the Position

Get in the best sleeping position before bed, aligning your hips to ease back pain, legs, hips and knees, staying away from sleeping on the stomach. Pregnant women can achieve the best night's sleep on their left side.

9. Avoid Distractions in Your Bedroom

Unplug those devices! Refrain from watching television before bed, use ear plugs to filter out loud noises and keep the kids and pets out of the bedroom.

Get great sleep tips!

10. Block Out to Black Out

Cut out lights in the bedroom using black electric tape to cover anything with a light and with the aide of a sleep mask.

11. Follow the Sun

Getting sunlight in the morning decreases melatonin secretion, the natural chemical which makes you sleepy, and increases serotonin, improving mood.

12. Cure Morning Breath

When you sleep, saliva production is greatly reduced, and bacteria starts to multiply, creating hydrogen sulfide, the same chemical which makes eggs smell rotten. Eat yogurt to reduce hydrogen sulfide and chew mint from a home herb garden. Another great tip: Rinse your mouth with coriander tea, just like you would mouthwash.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon shows the causes of morning breath and simple remedies for how to get rid of the unwelcome smell.

More tips to banish bad breath!

13. Easy Before-You-Go Spa Treatments

Smell Fresh all Day

Pick several petals from a fresh rose and put them in your bra. Rose petals produce natural oil that will moisturize and smell good.

Cream Cheese and Tangerine Breakfast Facial Spread

2 oz. softened cream cheese
Small tangerine, peeled and seeded

1. Mash the tangerine flesh with the back of a fork. Add tangerine flesh to softened cream cheese and stir well to incorporate.
2. To use, apply to clean face and neck, avoiding eye and mouth areas. Rest for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and follow with toner and moisturizer.

Tangerines contain vitamin A and vitamin C which improve circulation and blood flow and allow natural regeneration of skin cells and collagen.
Citrus helps rehydrate skin and leave it soft and refreshed.
The cream cheese (milk products) helps make your skin smooth and elastic again.


If you don't have time to treat a pimple overnight, anti-reddening eye drops, applied with a cotton swab and left for 10 to 15 seconds, will take the red out of even the worst pimples, making the blemish coverable with make-up.

14. Stay Hydrated
Hydrate sinuses and breathe through your nose only. Teaching yourself to breath through your nose will prevent the body from losing water and becoming dehydrated.

Dr. Ordon shows the anatomy of a nose and tips to keep it moist and healthy.

15. Moisturize
Use a humidifier to moisturize your room.

16. Tea Tree Oil Nasal Treatment

To help remain bacteria-free throughout the day, gently rub a cotton swab diluted in tea tree oil, a natural antibacterial, around the exterior of and just inside the nose.

17. Stay Stress-Free
Allow kids enough transition time after waking up to have a stress-free morning.

18. Up and At 'Em

Give kids at least 10 minutes of exercise and a "mini-bath," if a bath at night isn't possible.

19. Eat a Brainy Breakfast

The best breakfast is one of whole grains, low-fat protein and dairy and full of lots of fruits and vegetables. Try these great options from pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears to get in that most important meal of the day:

Granola cereal, yogurt and a sliced apple

Scrambled eggs, toast and orange juice
Veggie omelet, bran muffin and fruit with yogurt
Whole-grain pancakes or waffles topped with berries and/or yogurt, and milk
Whole-wheat zucchini pancakes topped with fruit, and milk
French toast topped with fruit and orange juice or milk
Low-fat cheese melted on toast with a piece of fruit
Low-fat cream cheese on a whole-grain bagel and orange juice
Peanut butter and banana slices on an english muffin and milk
• Berry banana yogurt smoothie on-the-run, such as School-Ade

20. Read the Label

Take your medications at the optimal time. Allergy and cholesterol medications are best at night, whereas blood pressure prescriptions are best in the morning. Birth control pills are ideally taken at the same time every day. 

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