10 Things I Hate about You

Middle-of-the-Night Gas

Has your partner's gas ever been so bad it woke you up in the middle of the night? Dayna, 26, and EJ, 28, have been together for one year, and EJ's nighttime flatulence has left Dayna with some sleepless nights. "It's pretty rough in the middle of the night," Dayna says. "The smell will wake me up!" Passing gas is a natural bodily function, with the average person doing so approximately 14 times a day. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that compounds in the gut, such as hydrogen sulfide, can give off an unpleasant odor.

If you have excessive flatulence, take a look at your diet. Eating foods high in fiber, such as beans and broccoli, can cause some people to have more gas.

Tasty, Healthy Foods

Chef Susannah Locketti makes a house call to cook a delicious, healthy Undercover Meatball Pizza!

To help Dayna and EJ's relationship, The Doctors sent them the Better Marriage Blanket, which contains a special carbon layer that absorbs odor. "Believe it or not, it actually works," Dayna says. "And, it's really comfortable!"

Surprise Dental Exam
Judy hasn't been to the dentist in four years. She says it's due to time constraints and fear from childhood experiences at the dentist. "Our mom always makes us go to the dentist, but she never goes," her daughters, Grace, 8, and Sophia, 10, say. "If we have to go to the dentist, she should, too!"

The Doctors surprise Judy with a dental exam by dentist Dr. Carly Weiner, who uses a new, real-time, intra-oral camera to look deep into Judy's mouth and in between her teeth and gums. The camera has a cavity detection device, which can detect decay in the teeth.

"It doesn't replace [X-rays]," Dr. Weiner says. "But it is a good [tool], especially for women who are pregnant, or pediatric patients who can't go through X-rays all the time."

"Oral health is such an important element of overall health," Dr. Travis says. "You cannot keep your teeth and gums the way they need to be without the help of [a dentist]."

Kitchen Safety
You may hate doing the dishes and cleaning your kitchen, but when you learn what's growing in the grime, you won't wait to wash!

Just how filthy can one kitchen be?

Are your placemats full
of germs

Bathroom Basics
If you leave a rug around your toilet, you may be stepping in more than you think. The Doctors asked how often people washed their bathroom rugs and found:

Quiet Your Canine

Veterinarian Dr. Bernadine Cruz shares simple tips to hush bothersome dog barking.

• Never: 22 percent
Weekly: 25 percent
Once a month: 25 percent
Every other week: 28 percent

A test on a rug found a presence of E.coli, staph and
coliform bacteria, which is found in fecal matter, but not in any a significant or dangerous numbers. To keep your bathroom rug from harboring the bacteria, make sure to wash it regularly.

Tips for a Germ-Free Bathroom
Remove your shoes. If you step on rugs with your shoes, you may bring in bacteria or mold spores.
Always flush with the lid down. Polluted water can contain e-coli and other bacteria, and spray on everything.
• When you clean the bathroom, don't forget to sanitize doorknobs and toilet handle.

Toenail Biting?

Find out if nibbling on your toenails can harm your health.

Hair Loss
Pattern baldness in both men and women is caused by hormones, but there are other roots, as well. Stress and excess weight can cause hair loss due to the extra insulin in the body.

Twenty-five percent of men begin balding by age 30, and 65 percent go bald by age 60. Similarly, 25 percent of premenopausal women suffer hair loss as do 38 percent do of postmenopausal women.

Hair restoration surgeon Dr. Paul McAndrews analyzes Dave's hair, and gives him hair restoration options.

Dave takes a drastic step with his 'do before deciding on a treatment option
for his hair loss.