Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Live fast, die young, party all night — The Doctors shines a light on the infamous lifestyle of rock 'n' rollers. Learn how to stay safe while you have fun!

Hardships of the Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle
Calico Cooper, a dancer, choreographer, actress and daughter of famed rocker Alice Cooper, sheds light on life behind the spotlight. She joined her father on 11 world tours and had a front-row seat to the hard-living lifestyle.

"I was 16 when I joined the tour, and you would imagine that it was all sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but really, it's a lot of really tired guys pushing road cases," Calico says.

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"There are parties like you see in the [Lady] Gaga videos — those are real. They happen," she continues. "I've been in the middle of it and gone, 'I could [do something], and nobody would ever know.' And you go, 'I don't want to die.' But it is easy when somebody goes, 'Here, for free, have this. No big deal.'

"There's alcohol everywhere," she adds. "[Alcohol] is the worst, because nobody notices if you walk through the restaurant with a glass of wine. But if you walk through the restaurant with a flaming crack pipe, they notice."

Alice Cooper famously battled an addiction to alcohol but has been sober for nearly 30 years. "It really was terrible," Calico says. "A hospital couldn't handle him; they put him into an insane asylum. I remember, at a young age, dealing with that."

As far as fatherly advice, Calico recounts his words: "Look, you want to drink, and you want to do drugs, and you want to go through what I went through? I wouldn't recommend it.'"

Ask Our Doctors: Rock 'n' Roll Edition
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Drug Dangers
The United States government is fighting a major battle against counterfeit drugs masquerading as prescription medications for heart conditions, cancer, erectile dysfunction and more. How is this happening? Susan Koeppen, consumer correspondent for the CBS Early Show, exposes the alarming facts.

"It's really a global issue," Susan says. "It's hard for the World Health Organization and the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] to put an exact number on it. Recently, the FDA sent warning letters to 294 websites, accusing them of selling counterfeit drugs to U.S. consumers.

"When the FDA bought some Tamiflu over the Internet recently, it looked real," she continues. "But when they tested it, they did not find the active ingredient in Tamiflu. Instead, they found a drug in the same class of antibiotics as penicillin. So if you have a penicillin allergy, this fake Tamiflu could have been very dangerous to you."

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