“I’m Too Young for This!”

From sagging skin to hearing loss to grey hair ... If you've ever thought, I'm way too young for this, this show is for you! The Doctors explain what to do about body changes that you weren't quite ready for.

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Hearing Loss
Sunsariay is only 20 years old but says she's already experiencing hearing loss. She often has to ask people to repeat themselves and sometimes misunderstands what they say.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says age-related hearing loss usually starts in the 50s, but it can affect those much younger.
See the biggest culprit for hearing loss in younger people.

Younger people often like loud music, whether it's through their MP3 player or at a concert, and that can damage the ears. But hearing loss can occur from the sound of a lawnmower — only 85 decibels.

Test your hearing here!

Katelynn, a new mother, asks via Facebook about her urinary incontinence. "Ever since I had my son two months ago, I have started to pee when I laugh! Since I can only afford diapers for one of us right now, I need help! Aren't I too young for this?" she asks.


Michelle is worried because her 8-year-old daughter is already showing signs of puberty. Dr. Lisa and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explain when to be concerned.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says incontinence can be caused by pregnancy, delivery, diet, infections or menopause. There are different kinds of incontinence which are treated differently, so it's important to share with your doctor what is happening.

Find out more about urinary incontinence.
Get more great tips from Dr. Lisa, and ask her a question of your own!

Double Chin
Jordana is only 34 but says her saggy second chin makes her look and feel much older. "Ever since I can remember, I've always had this little second chin going on. I've given it some names, like Turkey Gobbler and Chicken Neck," she says. "It got much worse during my early 20s. It's really upsetting, because no matter how much I diet or exercise, it just never goes away. It makes me look 10 years older, and I hate it."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Barnes joins patient Jordana and Dr. Ordon in the procedure room for a Lunchtime Neck Lift to get rid of Jordana's saggy second chin. The procedure involves pre-tunneling, which removes a little of the fat, and skin tightening with a laser, which helps the skin contract and form new collagen. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes and leaves minimal bruising and swelling. Jordana's neck will continue to shrink and look better over the next couple of months.

Childhood Acne

CaliMom21 tweets @DrJimSears a question: "My 3-year-old son sometimes gets what looks like acne. Isn't he too young? What can I do to treat it?"

Dr. Sears explains the best treatment for childhood acne.

Get more acne prevention tips!

Memory Quiz
Spend a few minutes each day challenging your brain. Trying new things forces the neurons in your brain to make new connections, aiding your memory. Try walking backward for a few minutes, taking a new route to work or rearranging your office. Another trick: Open up your junk drawer, stare at the contents for a few seconds, close the drawer and try to recall as many items as you can. Also, preloaded games on cell phones can stimulate the brain. The brain is a muscle — Use it or lose it!

Take a memory quiz. Looking at the image in the video and try to memorize all the items. After the video ends, write down as many as you remember.

0 to 3 = Poor memory
4 to 6 = Average
7 to 9 = Good
10+ = Great!

Natalie Cole's Life-Changing Battle
Natalie Cole may be a world-renowned, Grammy Award-winning singer, but she is also a survivor of life-threatening hepatitis C and kidney failure. In her memoir, Love Brought Me Back,
Natalie opens up about the ordeal that changed her life forever and offers a message of hope and healing to anyone who has ever faced tragedy.



Natalie shares her battle with hepatitis C, chemotherapy and kidney failure.

Learn how the kidneys function, and see what a diseased one looks like.

Natalie and her kidney donor's family will make an appearance on the Dr. Phil show in December! Check your local listings for the date and time.

Enter to win an autographed copy of Natalie's book, Love Brought Me Back.

Learn more about becoming an organ donor.

Energy Fix

Struggling with low energy? E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork recommends boosting your energy with a simple parfait: Lowfat yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and whole-grain granola.



Wrinkle Prevention
You might think you're too young to start worrying about wrinkles, but they can actually begin developing in your late teens and early 20s. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon reveals how to stop them:

• Protect your skin from the sun
Drink plenty of water
Keep your skin clean
Make sure to moisturize every day

"Start those healthy skin habits early," Dr. Ordon says. "You'll thank yourself later."

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