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So You Think You Can Dance
Long touted as the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, dancing can be an art in seduction.

“The better you get at dancing, you will have any woman in your arms in just seconds,” says Mary Murphy, ballroom dancing champion, choreographer and judge on So You Think You Can Dance. “That’s just the way it is.”

So fellas, keep working on those moves!

Mayte Garcia, celebrity choreographer and judge on Dance Your Ass Off, joins Mary, and put The Doctors’ moves to the test!


The Doctors Dance Off!

Vanity Sizing

Many retailers use something called "vanity sizing," where they sew smaller sizes onto bigger clothes. Companies have realized that women will spend more money for a smaller size, regardless of whether it is accurate or not.

To demonstrate, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork tries on the same size pants from different manufacturers. Check out the difference!

“Women shouldn’t have their self-esteem wrapped up in the size of their clothes,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

Metabolism Changes with Age

With age, muscle mass diminishes and so does metabolic rate, making it easier to gain and harder to lose weight. Lean muscle mass is replaced with fat, which burns less calories. After age 40, the body can start to lose a significant amount of muscle mass, strength and function. That means a person can gain 10 to 20 pounds per year without changing anything!

“That is not written in stone,” Dr. Travis assures. “That is if you do nothing. If you do resistance training, if you bike, if you walk, you can actually increase your metabolism as you get older.”

Eating a balanced diet of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help preserve muscle mass. Ensure® Muscle Health shake is made with Revigor,™ a naturally-occurring amino-acid metabolite known as HMB, as well as 13 grams of protein that can help rebuild muscle and strength.

Fido Fitness

Celebrity pet trainer Tamar Geller shares everything you need to know to keep your pet healthy and trim!

Pregnancy High Heels Risks
During pregnancy, a woman’s center of gravity changes, increasing her risk of falling and inflicting long-term, permanent damage to her ankles and ligaments.

“Now ladies, you know I love my high heels!” Dr. Lisa says. “But there are times when they can be risky for your health, and pregnancy is one of them.”

Podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong explains that three main things happen to the feet during pregnancy, which makes choosing the proper footwear essential:

• Over-pronation: when the feet roll inward
• Plantar fasciitis: causing arch and heel pain
• Big feet syndrome: swelling caused by hormones

Other footwear no-nos? Flip flops, bulky boots and ballet flats. Sneakers and other types of shoes with support are always the best choice to wear when expecting.

Learn more about high heel dangers and high heel pain relief.l

Shocking Eating Disorders

Claudine, profiled on the E! show, What's Eating You, and The Dr. Phil Show struggles with an addiction to eating chalk.

Learn more about Claudine's story.

Manly Makeup
The latest cosmetic trend isn’t lip gloss or a new blush: it’s makeup for men! A new study shows an increase in “regular guys” donning “guyliner” and “manscara.”

Experts say the same rules apply for men’s makeup as women’s cosmetics. Eye makeup and liquid or creamy products should be discarded three months after opening because of bacteria buildup.

“Manscara will scare-a-away-a a woman!” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson laughs.

Ladies: what do you think? Is a man in makeup more or less sexy? Tell us why!

Serving Sizes
One reason Americans are overweight is a skewed sense of portion size for their food. Some simple tips for the next time you order a meal:

• One half cup of cooked rice is the equivalent of half a baseball.
• One cup of broccoli is equivalent to one light bulb.
• Three ounces of cooked chicken is equivalent to a pack of cards.

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