What's Really on Your Face and in Your Body?

Americans spend $2.5 billion on cosmetics and toiletries every year. But with an industry that uses more than 10,000 ingredients to make their products, can you be sure of what's really in your cosmetic bag? And, are anti-aging products worth the price? Health Investigator Liz Vaccariello gets you the answers.

Beauty Exposé

The Doctors Health Investigator, Liz Vaccariello, reveals the truth behind cosmetics products.


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Although the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulates cosmetics, industry veterans' views and opinions about the safety of cosmetics are mixed. 

Chemist Nick Morante has developed makeup for more than 30 years. “Every cosmetic product you buy in any store, in any part of the world, is safe,” he assures.

Jane Houlihan, Director of Research at the Environmental Working Group, could not disagree more. “The oversight of this industry from the FDA [Federal Drug Administration] is almost completely absent,” she says. “The FDA has so little authority in law to regulate the industry.”

Siobhan O’Conner, co-author of No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Beauty Products, states, “My skin-care philosophy is this: If you can’t be sure that something is safe,” she cautions, “don’t use it.”

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Pam Jakubowicz says, “I think there’s a lot of hype. There’s not enough data at this point to say that any of the ingredients are toxic. If there was, they [FDA] would have banned it.”

“Pare down, take breaks from your makeup and read labels,” Liz Vaccariello concludes. “It’s not buyer beware, as much as it’s buyer be aware.”

•Look for products that contain fewer ingredients & try organic cosmetics
•Avoid or limit "DMDM" which stands for formaldehyde
•Use products that do "double duty," for example a moisturizer/sunscreen and concealer/foundation

The Environmental Working Group created Skin Deep, a cosmetics safety database that provides definitions and information on products, ingredients and companies.

Download a list of hidden ingredients in cosmetics.


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Anti-Aging Skin Lab
Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and Liz Vaccariello explain why skin ages and how to nourish it at every age. Keep your skin looking young and healthy with these tips:


• Use products containing alpha-hydroxy acids to help even out skin tone.
• Use mint to eliminate undereye circles.

• Use vitamin C serum and products with peptides to help minimize fine lines
• Use products containing retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids help improve skin tone.

• Use moisturizer with antioxidants and Resveratrol to help fight aging.
• Chemical peels and hyaluronic acid help the skin produce collagen.
• Apply prescription-strength retinoid cream at night.

And of course, sunscreen should be used every day at every age!

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Muscles are critical to almost every function of our bodies. They propel us through space, help us speak, hold our bones together, keep our heart pumping, digest our food and help blood move through our circulatory system.

After age 40, the body can start to lose a significant amount of muscle mass, strength and function -- as much as 8 percent per decade. Sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss, is accelerated in individuals who are not physically active. And though it is not 100 percent preventable, people can take strides to significantly slow the process.


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Experts state that 30 percent of aging has to do with genetics, while the other 70 percent has to do with lifestyle. “This statistic gives us so much more hope about the control we have about how we age,” orthopedic surgeon Dr. Vonda Wright says.

“The good news is you can delay or reverse muscle loss if you have proper exercise and nutrition,” Dr. Travis adds.

Drinking an Ensure® Muscle Health shake -- which contains Revigor,™ a source of HMB, a naturally-occurring amino-acid metabolite, as well as 13 grams of protein -- can help rebuild muscle and strength as you age.