What is that Bump?

Whether it's a cyst, pimple or bite, learn what body bumps say about your health.

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs can leave nasty little bumps on your body that look like mosquito bites or hives, and the creepy crawlers are moving out of the bed. They have been found in movie theaters, retail stores, restaurants and airports.

Bed bugs are attracted to humans by the carbon dioxide in their breath and the heat given off from the body. Don't worry, though; there are ways to stay safe from their bites!

See how far two women go to prevent bed bugs when traveling.

Tips for avoiding bed bugs.


Heel Pain

Do bumps on your heels cause discomfort when wearing certain shoes? Podiatrist Dr. Phillip Radovic explains possible causes and how to avoid the pain.


Are bed bugs biting near you? Check out the top 15 most infested cities:
1. New York
2. Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Cincinnati
5. Chicago
6. Denver
7. Columbus, Ohio
8. Dayton, Ohio
9. Washington, D.C.
10. Los Angeles
11. Boston
12. Indianapolis
13. Louisville, Ky.
14. Cleveland
15. Minneapolis, Minn.

Vaginal Cysts
Bartholin glands are located on either side of the opening of the vagina and lubricate the vagina. A cyst develops when the Bartholin duct becomes blocked, and fluid builds up in the gland. They can make it painful to sit, stand, walk and even lie down, and often, the only way to relieve the condition is to have the cyst drained or have surgery.

Charity, 38, has suffered from recurring Bartholin cysts for the past eight years. Although doctors have recommended a procedure to have the cysts removed, Charity is worried it will leave her disfigured or unable to enjoy sex.

Dr. Lisa demonstrates the surgery to remove the cyst. 


Food Dye Dangers

Find out how food dyes may be harmful to your health

"You really shouldn't see anything different," Dr. Lisa says. "If everything goes right, you shouldn't have any loss of feeling."

Facial Bumps
Whether they're pimples, or something more serious, bumps on the face can be a problem for anybody, but what happens if they won't go away?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra removes a cyst from 16-year-old Gabriella's forehead without leaving a noticeable scar.


Kim, 52, hates the bumps that form around her eyes and on her cheeks. Dr. Ordon explains how to get rid of them.


Newborns often develop tiny bumps on their face. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what to do if your little one gets them.







Women's #1 Complaint
On a recent episode of The Doctors, OB/GYN Dr.
Lisa Masterson revealed nine of the top 10 most common complaints that women share with their doctor. Now it's time for number 1: Cystic Breasts.

Learn more about breast cysts.
• Breast cancer prevention and treatment tips.

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