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Project Unhealthy
Two-thirds of Americans are obese, and health officials have declared the condition a national epidemic.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork states that fighting obesity has become his personal mission. “It does break my heart, as an ER doctor, to see someone come in debilitated by multiple diseases – all of them starting with one thing — and that is being obese,” he says.

Dr. Travis undertakes Project Unhealthy for one week, adopting the typical American lifestyle of eating fast food and not exercising. “When you give yourself mental permission to eat [bad food], you’re going to choose it every time,” he says. “It truly is addictive.”

“Project Unhealthy is my attempt to highlight how quickly your body can start to suffer,” Dr. Travis explains. “Not only your body, but your mind.”

The effects, cardiologist Dr. John M. Kennedy reports, are immediate. “For a long time, we thought that eating a fatty diet had long-term effects on our cardiovascular health. The reality is that it happens almost immediately. We can show, within hours of eating a fatty meal, how blood flow is completely impaired.”

Project Unhealthy

Cameras follow Dr. Travis as he adopts the typical American lifestyle of eating fast food and not exercising. Watch how fast he spirals into addiction.


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“It’s the choices you make every day that matter,” Dr. Travis says. “It’s so easy to say yes to all that bad stuff out there, and it definitely scared me to see how easy it was to fall into an unhealthy routine. It’s never too late to make a change.”

Dr. Travis uses 3-D technology to illustrate how the junk food he ate affected his body.

“The number one theme I have when I eat is, ‘Will this allow me to have good energy 30 minutes from now?’” Dr. Travis explains. “And if the answer is no, I’ll opt for something different, because I don’t want to spend my life lying on a couch.”

Ear Infection Tweet
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears answers a tweet that asks: “What’s the best way to soothe a child’s ear infection?” Learn more about ear infections.

Do you have a home remedy for ear infections? Tell us about it!

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Ask Dr. Lisa

OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson answers viewer and audience questions, and no question is off limits! Check out:

What you need to know about birth control pills.

Cutting-edge fibroid surgery options.

Motherhood Survival Club
Stay tuned for a new season of The Motherhood Survival Club, a place for open and honest conversations with moms, mom-experts and celebrity moms. 

Plastic Surgery Preview
The Vectra M-3 machine shows patients a virtual preview of how they will look after undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, such as a facelift or nose job.

Bonnie is in her mid-50s and wants to see her options for a younger-looking face. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon performs a virtual facelift on Bonnie, sculpting her neck, chin, nose and cheekbones.

"It's going to take 10 years off of your life," Dr. Ordon says of the virtual results.


“I can’t wait to have it done!” Bonnie exclaims.