Ashamed of My Body: New Solutions!

Inside a Nose Reconstruction

AJ, 21, has breathing problems because of his crooked nose. Go inside his nose reconstruction and see the amazing results!

The Doctors enter the "no-shame zone" and present new solutions to your embarrassing body problems.

Pit Problem
Ginger, 35, and her sister Amanda, 33, share a problem that leaves them feeling insecure. Both have over-active sweat glands and perspire profusely, even in cold weather. Not only does their sweat leave stains on their clothing, but it is often accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

"[Amanda] is still brave enough to buy white shirts," Ginger says. "I don't even buy them anymore."

Ginger and Amanda have tried everything from prescription-strength antiperspirants, to medications to lining their armpits with panty liners to stop the sweating, but none of the methods haved worked. Today, the sisters undergo the Vaser prodecure to eliminate their excessive perspiration for good!

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains the difference between using deodorant and antiperspirant and demonstrates how the Vaser procedure helps to regulate excessive sweating.

Hemorrhoid Relief

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, see a new device that helps relieve the pain!

Labia Bleaching
Sally Tweeted The Doctors for their opinion on a very personal topic: she thinks her labia is discolored and she wants to bleach it, and asks if it is safe.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains the various colors of the labia and what they mean, and presents a product that can safely change the color down there.

Kick "Cankles" to the Curb
Cankles is a slang term for ankles with little or no definition between where the ankle ends and the calf begins. Natalie is so ashamed of her cankles that she wears only pants and long skirts. Dr. Ordon performs 3-D liposuction sculpting to give Natalie's ankles the more shapely look she desires.

See Natalie's legs after the surgery! And, Dr. Ordon explains the procedure.

For more on cankles and treatment options, read Dr. Ordon's blog.

Help for Brittle Nails

Do your brittle nails bother you? The Doctors offer treatments for your nail troubles.

Belly Fat Quick Fix
Ladies, are you embarrassed by your man's beer belly? Jeanine wants to find a quick fix to shrink her boyfriend Justin's stomach.

"There's no such thing as a quick fix," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. "The only thing to truly fix the beer belly is, over time, improving diet and being active."

For years, women have used garments such as girdles and, more recently, Spanx to corset their bellies and create a slimmer waistline. Now there is a product made specifically for men - the Equmen core precision undershirt.

"It's supposed to trim you, it's supposed to support your core," Dr. Ordon says. "It helps your posture and should make you shrink several inches."

"Maybe [wear it] for that special evening," Dr. Lisa says, "and then you have to go back to the exercise and the diet. But if you have to go for an interview or something and you want to look nice, that may be an answer, just like it is for women. It's a good option, but you still have to exercise."

Justin wears the Equmen and sees dramatic results in his pot belly. It even temporarily cut his waist size by two and a half inches.

"It's really, really tight," Justin says. "After wearing it for a couple of hours, now I know what women go through!"

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OAD 10/9/09