In Loving Memory of Kayleigh

In Loving Memory of Kayleigh


On April 24, The Doctors taped an episode with Aimee and Adam Freeman, the parents of Kayleigh Anne, born 12-weeks early on June 23, 2008 weighing slightly more than 1 pound.  

In her first months of life, little Kayleigh overcame more obstacles than most of us face in an entire lifetime. Among her achievements, she triumphed through 248 procedures and seven major surgeries, including being the smallest person to undergo open-heart surgery.


On May 11, Kayleigh lost her battle for life.


The struggles and sacrifices Aimee and Adam faced and continue to face are documented in an episode of The Doctors airing Tuesday, May 13th. We feel so fortunate to have had the chance to get to know little Kayleigh during her all-too brief life, and wish the family our deepest condolences.


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The Doctors Staff