Ask Our Doctors with Dr. Ruth

From the bathroom to the bedroom, The Doctors tackle your most outrageous and embarrassing questions yet. And to answer the really tough queries, The Doctors turn to world-renowned psychosexual therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Can Ice Cream Boost Your Sex Drive?

Sex Pistol ice cream claims its frozen delight contains ingredients guaranteed to trigger blood flow in all the right areas.

Dr. Ruth says, "You don't need an ice cream. You need a good brain and a good partner. You need somebody who really turns you on. You need someone you want to have sex with. Never mind ice cream!"

Intensify Your Orgasm
OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains that personal lubricants can be very important for women for sexual intercourse.

Prolong Male Performance
Promescent, a new penis spray that contains the anesthetic lidocaine, numbs the male member and allows a man to keep his erection longer.

See Dr. Ruth's method to treat premature ejaculation.

Sex Toys for Beginners
Looking to explore the realm of personal pleasuring products? The Doctors line up the latest sex toys for beginners.
Dr. Ruth advises, "Maybe we have to take it a little more seriously, and not say 'sex toys.' To say, whoever needs it, there might be things to use for their sexual satisfaction. So, to take it to a level of seriousness."

Dr. Ruth concludes, "Nothing will replace a relationship. Nothing will replace that you look at her with love and caring, and that you really like being with her ...  I don't want anybody to think that in order to have good sex, and good sexual satisfaction, that they need any of this."

See the lineup of personal pleasuring products

Tips for Grooming Down There
If you shave your pubic hair, use lubricated lotion to shave with the growth of the hair. A vaginal shield, such as the Va J-J Visor, can protect the sensitive areas of the groin when waxing, coloring or shaving pubic hair.

Dr. Lisa notes that a trimmed genital area can keep it clean and decrease the risk of infection. "All of it is a personal choice," she adds.

Sexual Recovery Time
Every male goes through a refractory period, or recovery time, after he ejaculates. Dr. Ruth and Dr. Travis give tips on how to improve a man's sexual recovery time.

Piercing Health Risks
Do genital piercings create greater pleasure ... or pain? Blake has been with his girlfriend for two years, and is considering having his penis pierced to "spice things up a bit."

"Don't you dare!" Dr. Ruth exclaims. "What for? First of all, get married. If you want a ring, instead of this," she gestures to the piercing, "get a ring on your finger!"

The Doctors agree that the piercing could damage the walls of a woman's vagina and her clitoris.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds, "Let's talk about the man a little bit. Putting a barbell through the penis ... that's a long healing time and you may have an infection."

Stress Urinary Incontinence
More than 14 million women suffer from urinary incontinence, the loss of bladder control. Laser medicine specialist Dr. Julie Reil from the Laser Center in Billings, Montana, demonstrates Genityte, a new procedure available for the condition.