Summer Health Hazards

Summer is here, and that means fun in the sun. Protect your family from pool hazards, grill your favorite foods safely, get your best bikini body and more!

Summer Dangers

Participating in fun summer activities can lead to some painful outcomes.

Poolside Hazards

Beware of potential hazards that may lurk around swimming pools.

Safe Grilling Tips

Do you love backyard cookouts? Learn essential tips for safe grilling.

Amusement Park Safety

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visits Knott's Berry Farm and shares tips for staying safe during a day at the theme park!

1. Don't Char Meats

Grilling meats at a high heat can cause carcinogenic chemicals known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) to develop. Studies have shown that people who eat well-done or charred beef are three-times more likely to develop cancer than those who eat it rare or medium-rare. But, OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson warns that pregnant women should never eat meats that are rare or medium rare, and they must make sure the meat they eat is cooked all the way through.

Dr. Travis adds that studies show that marinating meats before grilling them can reduce toxic compounds by 90 percent.

Guide to Cooking Meat

• Cook beef steaks, fish and lamb at 145 degrees Fahrenheit 

• Cook pork and ground meat at 160 degrees Fahrenheit 

• Cook chicken breast at 170 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Don't Cross-Contaminate Your Tools

To avoid transferring bacteria from raw to cooked foods, use one set of utensils and plates for uncooked meats and another set for vegetables and cooked foods.

Beat the Bites

Learn how to avoid mosquito bites and the potential dangers they carry.

3. Use Chemicals Sparingly

To avoid contaminating your food with harmful chemicals, don't use lighter fluid, or only use a small amount. If your grill uses briquettes, look for all-natural versions, because many contain additives.

More BBQ Tips

Sun Safety

Sun exposure causes 65 percent of melanoma skin cancer and 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers! Learn how to get a perfect tan without being exposed to harmful rays, and keep your skin safe with alternatives to sunscreen.

Get a glowing tan and look younger without putting your health at risk!

Do you hate the feeling of sunscreen on your skin? See alternatives to lotion that keep you protected!

Summer Slim-Down Tips

Follow these simple tips to slim down and look your best in a bathing suit!

• Minimize alcohol consumption

• Maximize water intake

• Avoid sodium, which can cause bloating

• Increase fiber intake

• Cut down on starches such as rice, potatoes and pasta

• Eat fruits, vegetables and proteins such as egg whites, skinless poultry and fish

• Eat four to six smaller meals throughout the day, rather than three large ones

• For the ladies, try out Spanx Slimming Swimsuits!

Skin First Pledge

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and dermatologist Dr. Deborah Sarnoff explain why taking care of your skin is vital to your overall health.

• Trying to get in shape for summer? Join The Doctors 2010 Health Challenge!

Traveling with Kids

Are you going on a family vacation this summer? Flying with fussy young children can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience.

"People on a plane, if there's a child who's unruly, I think they at least want to see the parent making some effort," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Dr. Jim recommends setting expectations and outlining rules for children 3 years of age and older. "[Say to them], 'You're going to keep to your own space. Your not going to kick the guy in front of you, because he'll get really mad,'" he says.

For long flights, Dr. Jim also suggests bringing a few small, new toys that have been wrapped as presents, and every hour or so, give one to your child to open. "Just unwrapping it is a prize in itself," he says. "Then they get to play with that toy, and once they get unruly an hour later, a new present comes out."