Body Signs

Potential Body Warning Signs If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor:

Chronic dark under-eye circles can indicate unknown allergies
Earlobe creases may correlate to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
Shoulder blade pain can indicate gallstones
Sudden development of coarse, brittle, tangled hair may be a warning sign of hypothyroidism
For men with gray hair, having dark eyebrows may be a sign of diabetes
Hair loss during pregnancy can be indicative of a vitamin or mineral deficiency
A lump on only one side of your tongue can be a sign of oral cancer
A black or brown streak that suddenly appears on or under your fingernail may be a sign of acral lentiginous melanoma
If you have yellowish nails and blue nail beds, it may be a sign of diabetes
Yellow bumps on your eyelids may indicate that elevated cholesterol levels
Bright pink, almost red gums can be a sign of gum disease or teeth grinding

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