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Obesity and Contraception
Can obesity impact the efficacy of birth control pills? OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says that extra body weight interferes with a woman's hormones and can make her less fertile. Excess body weight can also lessen the effect of birth control pills.

"As gynecologists, we have known for awhile that obesity may play a part in the efficacy of contraception," Dr. Lisa says. "But there aren't any parameters right now. The idea that you would give a person who is obese a stronger or a higher estrogen-containing birth control pill would only increase her risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes."

If you are overweight, be sure to consult your doctor to craft an individualized birth control regimen that is appropriate for you.

New Burn Treatment
Twenty-one-year-old triplets Jordan, Trae and Chandra were severely burned in a house fire when they were young children. See the breakthrough treatment that helps restore their skin and their lives.

The triplets describe themselves as burn survivors, rather than burn victims, and want to help others experience the same transformation that the laser treatments provided them.

"We've been so blessed with great people to help us out, and we've been able to get the treatments," Jordan says, "that we really wanted to pay it forward. So the girls and I started our own foundation called Three for Hope, to empower and inspire other burn survivors and spread the message of hope."

Mary was badly burned in a house fire as an infant. Twenty years later, she lives with the scars of the horrifying event. The triplets surprise Mary onstage with a Lumenis laser treatment, performed by dermatologist Dr. Jill Waibel. 

Two-for-One Tummy Tuck
Since giving birth to twins five years ago, Erin, 36, has not been able to regain her pre-pregnancy belly. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says that Erin is a classic case of someone who has diastasis recti, the separation of the left and right rectus abdominis muscle in the abdomen. No amount of exercise can repair the condition and surgical intervention is required.


Dr. Ordon performs his signature two-for-one tummy tuck that promises to restore Erin's muscles and skin. Watch the surgery and see the amazing results!

Diastasis recti cannot always be avoided. However, Dr. Lisa recommends that women exercise their abdominal muscles before they get pregnant and minimize weight gain during pregnancy.

Frequent Nosebleeds
Does your child suffer from frequent nosebleeds? The culprit, says pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears, are the blood vessels in the nasal septum. Due to their proximity to the surface, the vessels are prone to bleeding, as the nasal septum can dry out fairly easily, effectively rupturing the vessels. Environmental factors such as the change in seasons can trigger nosebleeds.

"To stop a nosebleed, hold the nose, and lean the head forward for at least 10 minutes," E.R. physician Dr. Travis adds.

How to Prevent or Minimize Nosebleeds:
• Use a humidifier to keep the bedroom moist
• Use moisturizing nasal sprays
• Spread petroleum jelly into the nasal cavity

If all else fails, doctors can cauterize blood vessels in the nose with silver nitrate. If your child continues to have frequent nosebleeds, be sure to consult your doctor, as certain types may indicate a blood clotting problem.

Dr. Travis explains that migraine headaches are thought to be caused by the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. The dilated vessels pull on nerve receptors located near the blood vessels, causing pain signals to be sent to the brain. The result is a terrible, throbbing headache with a variety of symptoms. Migraines are difficult to treat, as symptoms and triggers vary among individuals.

A new treatment called Levadex, is still in clinical trials and not yet approved by the FDA, but shows a great deal of promise. Levadex is reformulated from a drug called DHE 45 and works similarly to an asthma inhaler. Once inhaled, the drug provides rapid and sustained pain relief.

More on treating migraines

Tasty Tresses
Luscious locks can often come with a high price tag, but The Doctors say there's an easy way to get fabulous hair. What's on your plate can make a big difference!


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