Dr. Jim's Favorite House Calls

Head Lice Treatment

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Picky Eater Solutions
Is mealtime stressful in your household? Amber and Jason are worried sick about their 20-month-old son, Josh, who refuses to eat.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears suggests making mealtime a relaxed time, and he makes a house call to lend a hand at dinner.

He tells the parents not to make a fuss over Josh."It's the oldest trick in the book," Dr. Jim explains, "Ignore him while you enjoy your meal." Dr. Jim encourages Amber and Jason to let Josh pick foods that look appealing to him.

• Beg
• Bribe
• Fill up on fluids

• Dip it! Peanut butter, hummus, guacamole and yogurt are great dips.
• Make it fun! Cut food into fun shapes and be creative in presentation.
• Relax

Home Health Hazards

Could your home be putting your health at risk? Watch as Dr. Jim counts down the top 10 home health hazards!

Healthy Lunch Solutions
With the school year well underway, parents face the daily challenge of getting their kids up out of bed, dressed, fed and out the door with a healthy lunch in hand.

Stacy, a busy mom, knows all too well how tough it can be to get the little ones to eat carrot sticks instead of chips!

She turns to Dr. Jim to help her with her daughter Zoe, a picky eater who doesn't like healthy food. When packing a school lunch, don't forget your ABC's!

A= Ask. Ask kids what they like - get them involved.
B= Balance. Make sure to include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
C= Creativity. Have fun with food. Kids love colors and crunch. Use your imagination to make snacks such as banana logs, veggie kabobs, fruit pizza and turkey pinwheels.

Babysitting Challenge

At what age should you let your tween babysit? Take Dr. Jim's babysitting test and find out! Download the test HERE...

Supermarket Safety:
1. Buy refrigerated foods last, and transport your goodies from fridge to fridge within 30 minutes.
2. Make sure items at the salad bar are fresh.
3. Check expiration dates.
4. Pack meat away from produce.
5. Look for tears in packaging.
6. Wipe off hand baskets and grocery cart handles.
7. Wash your hands immediately when you return home, and wash them again after putting the groceries away.
8. To protect your child from germs on the grocery cart seat, use machine washable fabric seat covers.

Bedtime Basics

Five-year-old Joelle refuses to go to bed, and her nightly ritual of stalling tactics is taking a toll on the whole family. Losing just one hour of sleep can cause permanent changes in the brain and be detrimental to its development, and Dr. Jim explains that a child's brain develops all the way up until the age of 21. Sleep deprivation can cause moodiness, crankiness, depression, and binge eating.

Young children such as Joelle need 11 to 13 hours of sleep a night, which she is clearly not getting. Dr. Jim pays a house call to teach Joelle’s parents, Jennifer and Ken, the best way to implement bedtime rules.

Dr.Jim's bedtime dos and don'ts: 
• Do make bedtime and waking time consistent
• Do make bedtime routine a happy time
• Do watch sugar intake
• Don't give your child caffeine
• Don't put a TV in your child's room
• Don't give in to the drama

Car Seat Tutorial

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Germ Smarts
With school in session, Dr. Jim shares Germ Smarts for kids and parents. He drops in on a preschool classroom and shows the children how to keep germs at bay.

"If you have to cough, then make sure to cough into your elbow, not your hand," he says.

The best way to fend off germs is to make sure to wash hands with good old-fashioned soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

"A great way to have kids wash them for that long is to have them sing their ABC's while they scrub," Dr. Sears suggests, "Or maybe two rounds of the ABC's if they sing fast!"