15 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes to Help You Eat Healthier and Feel Better


Have you fallen into a rut with your meals or have been ordering too much takeout? If you are looking to jumpstart your eating habits and add some tasty healthy dishes to your routine, The Doctors can help!

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From breakfast, lunch, to dinner -- we have you covered with tasty and healthy meals that are good for you and may also help to improve your health.


Breakfast Recipes to Help Start Your Day Right!



Improve the nutrition of your French toast with this unique and unexpected ingredient

Make pancakes healthier with this oat-filled recipe

- If you are looking to cut your cholesterol, this oatmeal breakfast snack can help

 - Save time and make breakfast simple with Chef Jimmy's No-Brainer Breakfasts which include protein-rich egg muffins and frozen yogurt cups that you can prep ahead of time 

- Surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk's breast cancer-fighting burrito recipe is the perfect preventive way to begin your day

*If you are looking to make your breakfast even more special consider enjoy it in bed, this highly-rated tray with folding legs is great for lazing weekends or a surprise brunch


Healthy and Filling Lunches to Keep You Going



- Keri Glassman's creative lunches for kids, including apple nut butter sandwiches and lunch kebabs, are great for little ones and those who are young at heart

- Dr. Travis' Anytime Vegetable Soup is packed with healthy ingredients like green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, squash, and wax beans and is easy to prep and you can enjoy it all week

- This salad with garbanzo beans red kidney beans, and green beans is packed with protein and can make a great lunch or lunch addition, plus Doctors' guest, Lillian (who is 100 years young!) says it is her fountain of youth

- Chef Franco's recipes for ahi tartar and tacos are healthy and can be made quickly for a tasty lunch

*Prep your lunches ahead of time with these glass storage containers, which are BPA-free, leakproof, and reusable -- which will help you cut down on waste.


Tasty New Dinner Ideas to Keep You on Track

Slow cooker


- Many poor food choices happen due to not being prepared, but our prep-ahead recipes for Baked Broccoli and Chicken Casserole, Red Lentil Soup, and Easy Turkey Chili with Kale can help you avoid that meal mistake

- Want to eat like a celebrity? Find out the Brazilian dish that Camila Alves McConaughey loves to cook at home for her famous husband and family.

- Make pizza healthier with Christie Brinkley's recipe for pizza with portobello, roasted pepper, and microgreens

- Pasta does not have to be so carb-heavy and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito shows us how to make a wonderful protein-filled pasta dish

- Another pasta alternative is vegetable noodles and we love this recipe for turkey meatballs with homemade marinara on zoodles, it's a dish the whole family can make and enjoy together

- Nearly every kid (and adult!) loves a chicken nugget and Haylie Duff showed us how to make this dish more nutritious with her almond and coconut crusted chicken strips

* Does your kitchen have an Instant Pot? This item has 7 different features and is an electric pressure cooker, sterilizer, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer -- and will help make your next dinner much easier.

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Looking to even more meal ideas, get all of the recipes seen on The Doctors!

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