What Your Body’s Telling You

Why do you cry when you're sad, blush when you're embarrassed or feel broken after a breakup? Learn how your body is programmed to react to your emotions.

Why Do I Cry?

Learn why you cry — even when you're not sad.






Feeling Flushed?

Find out why your cheeks turn red when you're embarrassed.

Watch Dr. Travis' cheeks light up when he's embarrassed!


Don't Stress

See how detrimental stress can be to your organs.








Waiting Room Risks

Can going to the doctor's office make you sick? Find out how to stay healthy while going for a checkup.

Don't Worry, Be Happy
Dr. Ian K. Smith, author of the book Happy, delves into the science of a cheerful mood. "Everyone has a right to be happy," he says. "What can we actually do to change our happiness? I learned there are a lot of things you can do, actually, to boost your happiness for months at a time.

"Some people say, 'Happy, oh, it's like this big fluffy topic,'" he adds. "But really, happiness does have physical effects on your body, and so does negativity."

Learn which foods can boost your mood.


See how negativity affects your brain.




Broken Heart Syndrome

Breakthrough Breast Tumor Treatment

The Visica Treatment System uses cryoablation to remove benign breast tumors and is a less-invasive alternative to surgery.

• Learn more about cryoablation and other breast cancer screening tools.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains the importance of performing a self-breast exam, and signs to watch for.

If you've experienced a painful breakup, there is a medical explanation for your broken heart.



"This may sound silly, but the truth of the matter is there really is something about a broken heart," Dr. Smith says. "The heart mimics a heart attack when you have broken heart syndrome. You have muscle weakness, and therefore, the heart does not contract as well, and it can lead to all kinds of problems, including congestive heart failure."

Dr. Smith assures that broken heart syndrome can be reversed quickly. Exercise, such as yoga, can help reverse the effects, because it releases endorphins, which are mood-enhancing chemicals.

Ask the Vet
Veterinary surgeon Dr. Alan Schulman shares his advice for keeping your pets happy and healthy.

Find out if alternative medicine can heal your pet.


Pet dander can activate allergies. Learn how to breathe free in your home.


Dr. Lisa's new puppy, Fred, bites her older dog. Dr. Schulman explains the behavior and how to
remedy it.





Do you have a question about your pets? Ask the vet

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