To Eat or Not to Eat?

To Eat or Not to Eat
How much do you know about the food on your plate? David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health, lends expert advice on the biggest menu mistakes you didn't know you were making.

Menu Dos and Don'ts

Many of your favorite dishes have hidden calories and nutritional downfalls. David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health, explains how to deceipher menu options and substitute healthy choices for your favorite meals.


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Eat This, Not That

How much do you know about the food on your plate? When dining out, try substituting these entrees for your favorite dishes.

Nutrition Count
  AlternativeNutrition Count

Carnitas Baja Burrito
• 830 calories
• 45g of fat
• 2,280mg sodium

Carnitas Baja Tacos
• 440 calories
• 14g of fat
• 560mg sodium
Boneless Buffalo
Chicken Salad
• 1,150 calories
• 84g of fat
• 4,410mg sodium

Classic Sirloin Steak
with Seasonal Veggies
and Cinnamon Apples
• 730 calories
• 40g of fat
• 2,290mg sodium

Child's Fettuccine Alfredo • 800 calories
• 48g of fat
• 810mg sodium
Child's Cheese Ravioli
• 300 calories
• 8g of fat
• 440mg sodium

Child's Chicken
Fried Rice
• 580 calories
• 18g of fat
• 1,510mg sodium

Child's Chicken Lo Mein • 390 calories
• 16g fat
• 1,440mg sodium


Condiment Conundrum

What you sprinkle or spread on your food may be adding more calories than you think! See which condiments help or hinder your diet, and which offer health benefits.

Nutrition Count
  AlternativeNutrition Count

1 tbsp Butter
• 100 calories
• 11g of fat
• 7g of saturated fat

1 tbsp Olive Oil
• 120 calories
• 13.5g of fat
• 1.82g of saturated fat

2 oz. Red Salsa

• 40 calories
• 1g of fat
• 510mg sodium
2 oz. Green Salsa • 15 calories
• 0g of fat
• 230mg sodium

2 tbsp Bleu
Cheese Dressing
• 160 calories
• 20g of fat
• 3.5g of saturated fat
• 170mg sodium

2 tbsp Fat-Free
Ranch Dressing
• 90 calories
• 0g of fat
• 0g of saturated fat
• 930mg sodium

2 tbsp Tarter Sauce • 160 calories
• 16g of fat
• 0g saturated fat

2 tbsp Malt Vinegar
• 6 calories
• 0g of fat
• 0g saturated fat

2 tbsp Mayonnaise
• 180 calories
• 20g of fat
• 3g saturated fat

2 tbsp Avocado
• 50 calories
• 4.5g of fat
• .5g saturated fat



Extra! Extra!

Download a chapter and sample recipes from Cook This, Not That by David Zinczenko.

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When it comes to counting calories, don't forget the condiments!

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