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The Doctors brings you the hottest new health trends to keep you looking and feeling your best!


The ActiFry makes healthy fried foods by using a fraction of the oil that many restaurant fryers use. See if French fries made in the ActiFry pass Dr. Lisa's taste test.

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Hailey, 20, loves to workout, but afterward, her muscles are often sore. She asks The Doctors how she can relieve the aching.

Hailey enters The Doctors' procedure room to try a JellyBath. The product turns warm water into a translucent, jelly-like substance that retains its heat up to four times longer than water. A soak in the JellyBath helps reduce swelling, remove toxins from the body and restore collagen in the skin. The JellyBath also offers aromatherapy and skin exfoliation benefits.

"It looks kind of fun to me. I think I would like it," OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. "For the de-stress [effects] and the warmth, it's fantastic."

More New Trends to Better Your Body

Anti-Aging Wand

Reduce wrinkles with the wave of a wand!


Get a fun, total-body workout with the GyroGym!

Sinus Buster

See how pepper nose spray may help sinus problems!

Breastfeeding Cookies

Quarantined Rapper

Christiaan, 28, also known as the "Fully Sick Rapper," was diagnosed with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and has been quarantined in a Sydney, Australia hospital for more than three months. He joins The Doctors to share how he passes the time and keeps his spirits up.

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Breastfeeding has numerous benefits for babies and mothers, but oftentimes, new moms have difficulty keeping up their milk supply. Eating Milkmakers Cookies may be a solution. The cookies contain healthy ingredients such as brewer's yeast, flaxseed and oats, and are rich in omega-3s, which helps increase milk production. They may even help new moms shed their baby weight faster!

"It's important for Mom to get the omega-3s, because she's giving it to her baby in the breast milk, so she needs to replenish her supply," pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains.

Jocelyn, 31, has been eating a Milkmakers Cookie every day since her 6-month-old daughter was born. "Incorporating Milkmakers Cookies into my diet has allowed me to keep up with my baby's milk demands," she says. "I haven't had to supplement with any formula. She's solely breastfed. They work fabulously for me."

While playing a high school football game, Shane, 17, was tackled and injured his shoulder. Doctors told him he needed surgery, but he and his mother, Debbie, looked for other treatment options.

New Hope for the Wheelchair Bound

See how the Genie Standing Power Chair can improve the quality of life for people confined to a wheelchair.

Peter A. Fields, M.D., D.C. from the Pacific Prolotherapy and Medical Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California, suggested Shane try prolotherapy, a natural, non-surgical injection technique. A mixture of glucose and lidocaine is injected into the injured area and helps the body heal torn or damaged ligaments and tendons.

"If you can get [the ligaments and tendons] to proliferate - that's where 'prolo' comes from - you can get that joint to function well again," Dr. Fields says.

Dr. Fields, who practices orthopedic and sports medicine along with natural and alternative therapies
, has been treating Shane with prolotherapy and performs another set of injections on the show. "I'm doing great," Shane says. "I'm doing 95 percent better. I'm able to run track, play football, play basketball. It gets better with every treatment."

Monster Go Away! Spray

Picture of Health

The Doctors and Prevention magazine went on a coast-to-coast search for a person who inspires others to take control of their health. Meet the five finalists and find out who won!

Bedtime can be scary for young children. With developing imaginations, it is common for them to believe there are monsters in their room.

"Even normal cartoon characters get distorted and give them bad dreams, and they can think there are monsters in the closet or under the bed," Dr. Jim says. "One thing you want to do is you want to acknowledge the fear. You never want to tell the kids, 'Big kids don't get scared,' or 'Don't be a baby,' because that's going to really make them feel bad,and then they'll be scared of monsters and afraid to tell you about it."

The Monster Go Away! Spray helps empower kids to control their fears. They can spray it wherever they feel the monsters lurk and be comforted that they shooed the monsters away. The spray contains all-natural, soothing scents such as lavender and sweet orange oils.

"It is a stage, a phase, and [kids] will get over it," Dr. Jim says.

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