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Fight It or Bite It

Swap your fattening food for delicious substitutes by the Hungry Girl! Get the recipes HERE.

The Hungry Girl

Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl and best-selling author of Hungry Girl 1-2-3, says she struggles with the same food issues that millions of other women struggle with every day.

“My relationship with food has always been sort of complicated,” Lisa explains. “I had a mom who was on every diet under the sun, so I’ve been dieting since I was about 10 years old. I’ve lost and gained the same 15 pounds for most of my adult life.”

She started researching, developing recipes and hunting for healthy food finds and e-mailed them to her friends. was launched and quickly grew to nearly one million subscribers!

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Minimize Stretch Marks
Numerous community members on, such as danannaADC, wrote in asking for ways to get rid of post-pregnancy stretch marks.

Stretch marks, or striea, are scars in the dermis layer of the skin. They are caused by a rapid stretching of the skin and can occur from gaining or losing weight, growth spurts or pregnancy.

Pregnancy Skincare

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson outlines beauty products to avoid when pregnant.

Stretch marks can be minimized with creams, microdermabrasion or a fractional CO2 laser. The laser uses wavelengths of light to stimulate new growth of collagen, which helps raise depressed skin and lighten stretch marks.

Treatment options are based on the color and intensity of the scarring. Ethnicity and skin type also play a part in how the marks are treated, and laser treatments may not be the best option for everyone. While olive oil and cocoa butter are popular home remedies for stretch marks, they are not very effective. Creams with retinoic acid can invigorate and bring the skin back to life.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and aesthetician Kelly demonstrate the new Purigenix collagen facial, safe for baby bellies! The treatment utilizes soluble succinylated and ionized collagen that penetrates and integrates easily into the skin.


     Purigenix Treatment                                                  Dr. O's At-Home Tummy Tip

Shocking Signs of Heart Trouble

Marathon runner and chief of surgery in Metropolitan Hospital in New York, Dr. Marc Wallack, missed critical warning signs of heart trouble, and it nearly cost him his life.

“I thought that as a doctor, it wasn’t going to happen to me,” Dr. Wallack says.

Baby Sling Safety

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and his sister Hayden, founder of Balboa Baby, demonstrate how to use a baby sling.

For several days, he mistook pains in his chest for indigestion or acid reflux, but on the fourth day, he realized he was in trouble.

When he went to the hospital, doctors told Dr. Wallack that four of his arteries were 95 to 99 percent blocked, and he required immediate bypass surgery. 

Dr. Wallack and his wife, attorney and Fox News correspondent, Jamie Colby, wrote Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Plan in the hopes that others could learn from their ordeal.

“We want people to know that you can live your life fully,” Jamie says. “And we take you through the eight steps we feel will get people there.”



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