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Plastic Surgery: How Much is Too Much?
Heidi Montag, 23-year-old co-star of The Hills, has come under scrutiny for undergoing 10 cosmetic procedures in one day. The surgeries were elective and kept her anesthetized for nearly 10 hours.

Heidi's 10 Procedures:

"This is reality. This is really why these movie stars look like that."

• Mini-brow lift
• Botox injections in forehead
• Nose job revision

• Fat injections in cheeks and lips
• Chin reduction
• Neck liposuction
• Ears pinned back
• Breast augmentation revision
• Liposuction on waist and thighs
• Buttock augmentation

"I worry a little bit about our profession doing that many procedures all at one time," plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says.

"We have a duty to first do no harm," OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. "I think this girl probably needed to sit down with a therapist or guidance counselor. We all don't need to be the cookie cutters of some ideal. We need to be ourselves."

Are the pressures of Hollywood to blame? Plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan performed the surgeries on the reality star and says, "It's not that uncommon. This is what people do. I think it's controversial because the public doesn't know, frankly, that a lot of these young girls are doing these things, but they just don't talk about it.

"Part of the reason I agreed to do this story with Heidi and participate is that I think having the celebrities say they didn't do anything -- they just drink water and eat a macrobiotic diet and do Pilates, and that's how they look like this -- is a lie. Frankly, I think it's creating body dysmorphic disorders in women because they think, ‘why don't I look like that? I'm drinking water, and I'm doing Pilates.' This is reality. This is really why these movie stars look like that.

In a recent appearance on the Lopez Tonight show, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt extols the benefits of vagazzling. "Women should vagazzle their va-jay-jays!" Jennifer says with a laugh.

Dr. Lisa demonstrates vagazzling, the latest trend in decorating women's vaginas. "It's sort of like vagina jewelry," she says. "If you know your vagina's vagazzled, you'll dazzle!"

Migraine Triggers

Dr. Travis explains why light exacerbates the neural pathways of the brain during a migraine headache. 

Libido Boosters for Women

A woman's sex drive can be affected by age, hormones and childbirth. "We don't have a little blue pill to help with libido, and libido is a huge issue for women," Dr. Lisa says.

Some over-the-counter remedies to rev the engine include black cohosh, an herb often used to alleviate menopausal symptoms and is especially helpful for women who have low levels of estrogen, and L-arginine cream, a vaginal cream that increases blood flow.

Mother and Daughter Weight Loss
Recent studies reveal that mothers who are overweight are 10 times more likely to have daughters who are overweight.

"A lot of the times, mothers set the tone for nutrition in the house," says Dr. Lisa, "and the daughters pick up on this; they look at them as a role model."

Weight has always been a problem for mother-daughter duo Shellay and Amy, but they decided to tackle it together. They participated in the reality TV show The Biggest Loser and lost a combined total of 174 pounds!

Shellay concludes that her and her daughter's obesity was due to a sedentary lifestyle that she learned from her own mother. "I was not a mover. My mother was not a mover," Shellay acknowledges. "My mom didn't sit around the house all day eating junk food, but she didn't exercise."

Shellay and Amy, now svelte and trim, say they have continued the healthy habits they acquired on the show and encourage each other to keep the weight off. "[Having someone] holding you accountable is number one," Amy says.


Eat Right for Your Age

New studies reveal that a diet high in processed foods such as fried foods, refined grains, frozen foods and processed meat products may increase the risk of depression by 58 percent. Those who eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables and fish lower their risk of depression by 26 percent. Doctors believe processed foods create inflammation in the body that contributes to the depressive state.

Help for Haiti

Join The Doctors and show your support for the people of Haiti. Find out how you can help!

An estimated 80 percent of the American diet is processed foods. Dr. Lisa, a confessed sugar lover, admits she has changed her wayward eating habits. "I'm actually very proud because I've fallen into that [processed foods] category," she says. "We have, on this show, been showing people the tips to get them out of your life, to get them out of your system."

As we age and our body changes, our dietary needs change as well. In our 20s, eating foods high in calcium will help prevent osteoporosis later in life. Low-fat dairy, leafy greens, nuts and seeds are cornerstones to a healthy diet.

In our 30s, foods high in antioxidants help keep our skin youthful and lower the risk of chronic disease. In our 40s, lean proteins such as tofu, beans and fish help stimulate metabolism. And in our golden years, foods high in fiber are a must, and cholesterol levels and fat intake should be monitored closely.

Diet Tips for Any Age:

• Avoid foods high in saturated, hydrogenated and trans-fats
• Increase fruit and vegetable intake
• Exercise regularly

Drop 10 Pounds Easily

Before you reach in the fridge for a can of soda, remember that drinking a soda a day can pack on up to 10 pounds per year!

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