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Ugliest Feet Makeover
So you think you've seen some ugly feet? The Doctors sent out a Tweet looking for the ugliest feet in America, and Bobby from Riverside, California won the dubious honor. Get a load of these toes!

Podiatrist Dr. Philip Radovic and celebrity pedicurist Carla Kay give Bobby the ultimate foot makeover. See the amazing results!

Hair for Charity
Dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman co-founded the LEAP Foundation (Leadership Excellence Accelerating Potential), a program aimed at equipping high school and college students with the essential tools for academic, professional and personal success.

At a recent fundraiser for the foundation, Dr. Bill challenged the audience to donate $100,000 to LEAP. If they did, he vowed to shave his head. James Malinchek, a LEAP Foundation donor, calls in to The Doctors and pledges $20,000 if Dr. Bill shaves his head on air!


Dr. Bill dons a smock, and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork takes the clippers to the dentist's hair.
Check out Dr. Bill's new look!

Why is it That ...?

Spicy Food Affects Digestion?

A Kick to the Groin Hurts So Much?

Sex Drive and Menstruation
OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains that a woman's sex drive is directly linked to her hormone levels. Some women will have a higher libido during their menstrual cycle and some will find that arousal peaks during ovulation.

The hormone estrogen is the driving force behind carnal cravings, and estrogen levels are highest during ovulation. During menstruation, women produce higher levels of testosterone, which can stimulate sexual arousal.

In addition, estrogen produced during a woman's period increases genital sensitivity. "Orgasms can actually help with cramps," Dr. Lisa adds. "It can be a fantastic time."

Earlobe Reconstruction
Bob, 33, started gauging, or stretching his ear lobes, approximately eight years ago. "I do remember thinking that by the time I had my ears bigger, the societal view of what's professional will have caught up, and that I would be able to go in and get any job that I wanted," Bob explains.

However, Bob says that he has been released from several positions because of his large lobes and now finds himself out of work and unable to provide for his family. "Nobody will hire me with these [gauges] in," he explains. "They will always pick someone with normal ears before they will pick me."


Watch plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon perform an earlobe reconstruction surgery. Bob is thrilled with the results. "I'm completely ready to go out and get a job now!" he says.

Patchy Skin Solutions
Kimberly, 31, is embarrassed by the dark patches of skin on her knees and elbows. Dr. Ordon's aesthetician, Kelley West, performs Vi Peel,  a chemical peel composed of retinoic and salicylic acids that corrects acne and sun-damaged skin, deemed safe for all skin types. Dr. Ordon notes that using Vi Peel to lighten dark skin patches is considered an off-label use for the peel, but the procedure is safe.

If a Vi Peel treatment is not in your budget, try applying lemon or coffee grounds to affected areas. "The coffee grounds you can use as an exfoliator," Kelley says. "Mix it in with the lemon juice, and you get the lightening factor and the exfoliating factor."

Spider Vein Treatment
Spider veins are caused by venous insufficiency, which is when the one-way valves that pump blood to the heart are weak or faulty. Excess blood can pool in the vein, enlarging it and creating varicose and spider veins. Hormones, genetics, age, pregnancy, obesity and sun exposure can all contribute to the development of spider veins.

Tonya, 34, is so embarrassed by her spider veins that she refuses to leave her house unless her legs are covered. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin performs Veinwave, a brand-new procedure that collapses the tiny veins. "Because it's so precise, you don't need any numbing cream," Dr. Rivkin says. "There's no pain."



Patients usually require one treatment and the results are permanent.

Dr. Ordon blogs about non-surgical treatments for spider veins.

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