52 Secrets to Lose Weight

Losing weight, and keeping the pounds off, doesn't have to mean paying expensive personal trainers, making drastic lifestyle changes or starving yourself. The Doctors and editor-in-chief of Prevention, Liz Vaccariello, share 52 simple secrets to losing weight all year long!

52 Secrets to a Slimmer You

Print The Doctors list of 52 simple secrets to losing weight, and stay fit and healthy all year!

Stay Fit at the Movies
Snacking at the movies can quickly sabotage your diet.

Munchies like popcorn and soda are packed with calories and saturated fat. A medium popcorn has anywhere between 590 and 1,200 calories and 33 and 60 grams of saturated fat; nearly three days worth of the recommended daily allowance. If you add a regular soda to wash it down, you are consuming close to the equivalent of three quarter-pound beef patties with cheese and 12 pats of butter!

Movie theater popcorn is often cooked in coconut oil, which contains high levels of saturated fat. "It's not just dangerous for your waist," Liz says, "but it's so dangerous for your heart, all that saturated fat. It's simply not worth it."

Cinemark, the third-largest movie theater chain, cooks popcorn in canola oil, which reduces the amount of saturated fat in a medium popcorn to just 3 grams!

"You can make popcorn much healthier," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. "Popcorn in and of itself, if you eat the non-fat version, is actually a pretty good little snack."

To avoid packing on the pounds while catching the latest flick, Dr. Travis recommends eating a healthy meal before going to the theater and bringing your own food to snack on.

"It looks pretty harmless, a medium popcorn," Dr. Travis says. "Everything's about moderation, but if you go to the theater and you overindulge on these things, you've got to remember, in the back of your mind, [how many calories and grams of fat] you're eating."

Fattening Food Makeover
Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight. The Doctors shows you how making small changes to your meals can significantly reduce the number of calories you consume!

400 Calorie Fix
Prevention's new book, the 400 Calorie Fix, offers an easy-to-follow weight-loss plan that won't leave you feeling hungry.

Quick Tips to Get Fit

• Dr. Travis shares his top 10 workout tips to help you drop pounds and get healthy!

Liz reveals her simple tips to lose weight without breaking a sweat!

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"What I wanted to do was show people how to see the world through the 400-calorie lens," Liz says. "So no matter where you are, whether you're cooking at home, standing at a Starbucks, at a diner, at a movie theater or at a party, you can choose a 400-calorie meal."

The premise of the book is that you should eat four 400-calorie meals a day, and you will see the weight melt off. The book offers tips and tricks, recipes and visual aides to help guide weight loss. "The idea is you're not counting calories," Liz says, "you are controlling them.

"People don't understand portions, they're intimidated by calories, and that's what the idea of the 400 Calorie Fix is, to teach you how to eyeball portions," Liz adds.

Comedian and friend of The Doctors, Chunky B, visits the historic Farmer's Market in Los Angeles to find out how much people really know about healthy portions and Liz demonstrates the essentials for estimating portions.

The book also has a feature called the "Meal Wheel," which shows you how to divide your plate in the healthiest way!

"The idea is not to eliminate entire food groups, not to eliminate entire foods," Liz says. "No diet is going to work unless you can eat with your family and friends, if you can eat at home, if you can eat out."

From Chinese food to an all-you-can-eat buffet, The Doctors and Liz demonstrate what you can eat while following the 400 Calorie Fix.

Dieting During Pregnancy
Arlyn is pregnant with her second child and is worried about gaining too much weight. She asks The Doctors if it is safe to diet while pregnant.

The Doctors 2010 Health Challenge

Join The Doctors 2010 Health Challenge and commit to lose weight, quit smoking and reduce stress this year! 

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says that maintaining a balanced diet packed with fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy is essential for proper fetal development.

"That's why we monitor women's weight every time they come in for an exam, because basically, you may think, 'If I'm overweight, I can lose weight during pregnancy,'" Dr. Lisa says. " But you can't. If you're trying to decrease calories, what happens is you go into this starvation mode, and the nutrients won't go to making the baby's eyes, brain, skin, all the important things it needs to do. You have to get all these things, because you're making up parts of the baby.

"Exercise is great for pregnant women," Dr. Lisa continues. "You want to do things like swimming, low-impact [exercises]. Talk to your doctor, because this can change if you have other health risks. But exercise during pregnancy is absolutely healthy."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon advises to keep your stress to a minimum, because that can lead to overeating. Breathing exercises and meditation can help control stress.

"You know what the key is?" Dr. Lisa asks. "All you husbands out there, you need to make sure that pregnant woman is the queen of that household. That will decrease stress!"

Fire Groove Workout

Varying your workouts can keep exercise interesting and help you get into shape. Watch The Doctors and Liz get active with the Fire Groove Workout

Dieting for Children
Sara, a Facebook fan of The Doctors, says that her 8-year-old son is overweight and is starting to get teased. She wants to know if it is safe to put him on a diet, and if so, how many calories should he be eating.

"This is one of the big things with kids," pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. "I never like to use the word diet. Kids, you can't deprive them. They are developing, just like a little baby, too. Their brains are developing and they need those nutrients."

If your child is overweight, Dr. Jim suggests eliminating sweet drinks, such as sugary sodas and juices, from their diet. Also, studies have found that you and your children can lose weight by becoming part-time vegetarians, occasionally eating meals without meat.

"To that point, I have a tip," Liz says. "Brown-bag [meals] at least once a week. You can save thousands of calories, not to mention hundreds of dollars, by preparing your own food. You know what the ingredients are, you can manage the portions, so your child is eating foods that he or she loves, but you have control of how many calories might go in it."

Prevention's Health Hearsay
Does eating after 9 p.m. cause weight gain? Liz reveals the answer and shares weight-loss tips in Prevention's Health Hearsay.

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