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Dimple Do

Plastic surgeon
Dr. Gal Aharnov explains how the dimple procedure is performed.

A dimple can punctuate a grin and add a special touch to any smile. The latest cosmetic procedure can create a youthful appearance by adding a dimple to your cheek.

Felicia, 35, confesses that she always wanted dimples. "I'd be so cute with dimples! It's like being touched by an angel, like an angel touched your face."

The dimple surgery is considered a lunchtime procedure because it only takes 20 minutes to perform.

"In nature, the dimple is a defect in the muscle in the cheek, so this is what we're trying to create with the dimple procedure," plastic surgeon Dr. Gal Aharonov explains. "We're cutting away a small piece of that muscle to make a window, and then tenting the skin down."

Felicia shows off her before and after. "I absolutely love them, I'm very pleased!" she grins.

Happy Hour Facials

Christine Heathman, esthetician and CEO of GlyMed, Plus Purely Professional Skin Care, performs facial treatments on three volunteers using ingredients found in drinks such as beer and martinis. Christine says the masks and facials can help minimize lines and wrinkles, decrease inflammation and improve skin texture.

"The benefits of all these masks are they are loaded with antioxidants, which is the major issue in helping to battle aging," Christine says.

Beautify yourself in the cocktail lounge!

Implants 101
When considering breast augmentation, there are many decisions to make: Silicone or saline? Above or below the chest muscle? Plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner from the Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center is involved in FDA clinical trials of a brand new breast implant: the Ideal Implant.

Ideal Implant Procedure

Go inside the operating room and see the Ideal Implant procedure performed.

"The Ideal Implant is the newest technology in breast implant surgery in the last 25 years," Dr. Brenner says. "Only about 100 pairs of implants have been put in patients across the country."

What sets the Ideal Implant apart is the difference in material and construction.

"The Ideal Implant has the look and feel of a silicone gel implant, but there's no silicone in the implant," Dr. Brenner explains. "There's a baffling system, which allows you to have saline in multiple compartments, it reduces the rippling that some women get with saline implants."

Dr. Brenner outlines the differences between saline, silicone and Ideal Implants."The Ideal Implant is designed to be, for lack of a better word, a hybrid implant between the two [saline and silicone]."

Ideal Implant Procedure
Thirty-eight-year-old Julie is the perfect Ideal Implant candidate. After three pregnancies, her breasts have lost a significant amount of volume, and she is seeking to restore her bosom to its original size.

"Before having children, I had a decent-sized chest," Julie says. "And then, you stop breastfeeding and they become smaller, and after the second child, even smaller, and then after the third child, if possible, even smaller."

Go inside the operating room and see the Ideal Implant procedure performed.

Improve Your Smile!
Elizabeth, 24, is embarrassed by her teeth. "I hate smiling and looking at my teeth in the mirror, seeing how crooked they are, how everything's decayed," she confesses. "I try to hide my teeth when I smile."

Healthy Cocktail Recipes

Adding fruits and vegetables to your favorite cocktail can actually benefit your health. Check out The Doctors' favorite recipes!

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Jack Ringer says that porcelain veneers are a simple solution to Elizabeth's problem.

"Porcelain veneers are a thin shell of porcelain, very thin, that are made to the color, shape, and specifications, based on a design that we do for the patient," Dr. Ringer explains. "Then they're bonded to the tooth permanently, kind of like a press-on nail, but permanent."

Dr. Ringer invites Elizabeth to his office, offering to construct her veneers free of charge.

Shin Splint Solution
Actress Gabrielle Union, star of both the big and small screen, is no stranger to walking the red carpet. But her feet are paying the price of fame! Gabrielle asks The Doctors what to do about her shin splints. Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh has the answer.

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OAD 11/24/09