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Flu Facts

Essential links to keep you and your family safe this flu season.

Everything You Need to Know about the Flu

Where to Get the Flu Vaccine at

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Smart Phones
The Scan Avert application can be loaded onto a mobile device and used to determine whether certain foods or medications could be dangerous to you. Based on a person's medical history and data, the application can offer suggestions, substitutions and healthy options.

"You know, for somebody who has a lot of allergies or is taking a lot of medications, and potentially there's a lot of room for drug interactions, then it may be a good idea," plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon notes.

Body Tite Procedure
Liposuction, a surgical procedure that removes fat from targeted areas of the body, has been around since the early 1970s. Over the years, surgeons have honed and perfected the treatment, and the latest version of liposuction, Body Tite, heats fat while removing it.

"It's liposuction," plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis explains, "but it incorporates radiofrequency energy, causing the fat cells to dissolve, but at the same time, you're also tightening the skin."

Denise, 52, has had five children and has tried everything, from dieting to exercise, to get rid of her back fat. Dr. Davis performs the Body Tite procedure on Denise. and demonstrates how the technology works.

Body Tite is currently performed in the European Union and Canada and is in clinical trials in the United States.

Prostate Exams Explained

Using Pro Uro Care technology, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork describes how a prostate exam is performed and illustrates the abnormalities doctors look for.

Middle Ear Infections
Ear infections occur more frequently in children because their Eustachian tubes -- the funnels that link the pharynx to the middle ear -- are shorter, narrower and more horizontal than in adults.

This particular alignment can impede the flow of air and fluids through the tubes, and as the fluid pools, bacteria grow and cause infection.

Symptoms of a Middle Ear Infection:
• Pulling or rubbing ears
• Fever
• Fussiness or irritability
• Fluid leaking from the ear
• Changes in appetite or sleeping patterns
• Trouble hearing

If children are plagued by frequent ear infections, physicians can surgically drain the Eustachian tubes to alleviate pressure.

Kayla, 14, has had chronic, painful ear infections for years, which caused partial conductive hearing loss. Otolaryngologist Dr. Bob Owens performed a cutting-edge CO2 laser procedure to repair Kayla's middle ear.

"The problem is that her little bones of hearing were not transmitting sound," Dr. Owens explains. "We can use the laser to free up the little bones so they actually vibrate, and when that happens, sound is transferred in. We actually replaced her third little bone with a little prosthesis."

Dr. Owens demonstrates how the laser procedure is performed.

Kayla reports she's doing great. "My hearing is so much better!" she says with a smile.

SureSmile Technology
Orthodontic braces traditionally take several years to straighten teeth, but using SureSmile technology can cut the time in half.

Orthodontist Dr. Thomas C. Lee demonstrates SureSmile technology,
a software program that facilitates the precise positioning of a patient's teeth. Once the model is created by the software program, a robotic arm renders the braces.

Witness the results when 13-year-old Nina gets her braces off after just eight months!

Ready, Set ... Done!
The ROM is a high-tech cross trainer that uses more than 55 percent of the body's muscles, and the result is a 40-minute workout in just four minutes!

Dr. Tom Lobe uses the ROM at his medi-spa, the Beneveda Medical Group. "Most people don't have time to do the exercises that they need every day," Dr. Lobe observes. "They give me all kinds of excuses. In four minutes, they don't have an excuse."

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