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Cool Off for Weight Loss?
New studies claim that cold temperatures can increase the activity of brown fat, which is considered a "good" fat because it is designed to keep you warm in cold environments. Brown fat boosts the metabolism to generate heat, which causes your body to burn calories and use up the white -- or "bad" -- fat.

Fly for Fitness

Pediatrician and resident daredevil, Dr. Jim Sears, flies high when he tries out a trapeze workout!

The studies show that during the cold winter months, brown fat is more active than in the summer months. "The question, though, is, are we telling everyone to go hang out in the freezer to lose weight?" Dr. Travis asks. "No, we're not."

One study suggests that sticking your feet in ice water may be a way to trigger brown fat's beneficial effects. The Doctors take an ice-cold foot bath and discuss the study.

Doctors Orders: The Doctors do not recommend this technique, because ice-water baths could lead to hypothermia, among other health problems.

Eyelash Extensions
Andie, 24, is unhappy with her short eyelashes. She wants longer lashes so she doesn't need to apply coats of mascara before she leaves the house every day. She undergoes an Xtreme eyelash extension procedure, where extension technician Noor attaches new lashes one by one.

"Because the Xtreme Lashes are attached one at a time to the individual, natural hairs, the lash is allowed to completely grow and shed on its own, during its regular growth cycle with no problem," Noor says.

Watch the Xtreme eyelash extension procedure!

Bikes of the Future
It may look like a beefed-up tricycle, but the Trikke is more than child's play. The Trikke offers a full-body workout through a motion called carving, which is similar to skiing, and it can burn up to 500 calories per hour!

Fuller Lips without Surgery

Find out how you can get luscious lips without injections.

Watch Dr. Jim and Dr. Ordon try the Trikke!

3-D Baby
Imagine being able to hold your baby before he or she is even born. Scientists in Brazil have developed a technology that creates a life-size mold of your fetus while still in the womb.

"This is amazing technology," Dr. Lisa says. "This helps mothers and families be more prepared for things that may be going on with the baby."

In addition to being an exciting advancement for the families, the 3-D models also benefits doctors.

"What I can see, from a medical standpoint, is a 3-D image that you can use medically," Dr. Lisa says. "You can see any abnormalities and that really helps."

"We see this in plastic surgery with lips and palates that they've actually corrected in utero," Dr. Ordon adds. "Right now it's [only performed in] animal studies, but I think the time will come where you can actually do surgical procedures in the uterus."

Ward off Germs
Teresa's 3-year-old son, Joshua, is about to start preschool. She asks The Doctors the best ways to prevent Joshua from getting too many germs from the other kids at school.

Dr. Jim gives his best tips to help keep Joshua and your kids germ-free!

Makeup for your Feet
Are you embarrassed by unsightly freckles, scars, blister marks or veins on your feet? Give your feet a makeover with Tintalize, a rub-proof, water-proof and sweat-proof concealer. Tintalize features three times the pigment load of most concealers on the market, making it more effective for the feet. See the before and after!




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